Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm Officially A Mom

We're watching the VH1 Top 40 Countdown of 2011. It's at #30 and I think I've recognized one, maybe two songs. Yep, I'm officially a mom, too busy to care about what's on the radio! Although I'm sure Lady G, Katy P and Adele will be on here, so I'll know a few more.

Another thing that makes me a mom? Cleaning up exploding diapers! What a great way to spend a Saturday night. While I was cleaning up that hot mess he peed and threw up. Ugggh. The damn thing was so out of control we had to give him a bath.

Here's some pictures of my super pooper :)

Getting ready for his bath

Just chillin', he loves bath time!

Enjoying tummy time (for once)

Mid burp

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