Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gotta Get Down on Friday

Harry and I had a great Friday! My friend Tracy came over in the afternoon to meet Harry. I hadn't seen her in a while so it was nice to catch up. She even brought over a few gifts for Harry and me which was so sweet of her. Look at the hooded towel she made for him!

So cute, right?!? Tracy is a crafty girl like myself, in high school we worked at JoAnn Fabrics together. Thank you, Tracy Bear!!! :)

For dinner last night And and I ordered takeout from Chili's. Since we don't yet feel comfortable taking Harry out for our traditional Friday night date nights we decided to bring date night to us! After dinner we watched Young Adult on DVD, one of the movies sent to him as part of the Writers Guild. Ehhh, it was okay. The movie was quite a bit different than I had expected so I think that's why I didn't like it so much. I was expecting it to be more of a comedy, and it was actually pretty dark. I think the movie comes out in theaters next Friday if you're interested. We've got so many movies at our house right now, I think the next one I want to watch is The Descendants. 

Here's Harry and me watching the movie last night.

Look ma, no hands!

Ohhhh, and how is it the day I finally decided to file Harry's nails he winds up cutting his face? I should have filed them a while ago but kept putting it off because I was nervous to do it. Fortunately he didn't mind it much and I thought I did a good job. Apparently not! Poor kid :(

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  1. Vincent was about 2.5 weeks when I did his nails. I used my file to get them really short and the baby one to smooth them out. I do it every 2 days now and it works great!


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