Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Gift of Paper

It was an exciting day around the Z household today! December 3rd marks our one year wedding anniversary along with Harry's original due date. And this afternoon we did our "newborn" photo shoot with my friend Jessica. She got tons of amazing shots and I can't wait to see the finished pictures!
First Anniversary
Some of you might be familiar with the traditional anniversary gifts some couples chose to exchange. Ant had never heard of this tradition until I slyly mentioned it about a month ago. Here in the U.S., couples traditionally give paper on their first anniversary (Ant-- since you asked, cotton is the traditional gift for the second anniversary). My husband is really one of the least creative people so I didn't really expect much.

However, much to my surprise, Ant came up with an amazing gift.

He made me a book...  a freaking book!! He said he came up with the idea all on his own and worked on it during his lunch breaks at work. I believe he had it made at FedEx Office. Here are a few of the pages.

And trust me, I was surprised!!

Kelly Clarkson tickets! Kelly is one of my favorite singers and I've already seen her in concert twice, she's amazing! Harry will be about four months old at the time of the concert, so we'll definitely be due for a night out without the kiddo (mark your calendar, Glam-ma Rose!).

As the book says, I also had a box to open with another wonderful gift inside.

A charm bracelet! On our wedding day Ant gave me a bracelet too, so I wonder if I'll get a new one every year? I love the charms Ant picked out. The cupcake is for our wedding cake, we opted to serve cupcakes instead of one large tiered cake (why every wedding doesn't do this, I don't know). The little boy charm is for Harry obviously; the yellow stones are his birthstone, citrine. And the last charm is my birthstone, garnet. Ant said he will buy me a new charm each month, so I will have a pretty full charm bracelet by this time next year.

I was truly surprised by his gifts and in awe of his creativity and thoughtfulness. I will treasure both the book and bracelet for the rest of my life. Our first year of marriage wasn't the easiest, there were plenty of tears but there were plenty of joyous moments, too. And of course we were blessed with our beautiful son, Harry Desmond.

After the photo shoot today we decided to recreate our "first date" as a married couple.

Dinner was courtesy of Maggiano's. We kept it classy by eating right out of the plastic containers :). And now we're watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. Part One was the first movie we saw together after getting hitched, so tonight's festivities varied a bit from the original. 

Later we're going to open a bottle of Dom Perignon and eat some year-old cupcakes!


  1. What sweet gifts! Sounds like you guys had an awesome anniversary! Happy happy! :)

  2. What a fantastic gift! How sweet of him! I really enjoyed this update :D


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