Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby Must Haves- Part 2

I joined Pinterest, and am still getting the hang of it. Not sure if I completely understand the point, but it's kind of fun. Click the link in the left sidebar to follow me!

Harry is nearly six weeks old now, and as I'm starting to get the hang of this OMGIHAVEABABY thang, I thought I'd share a few more items that have made being responsible parent a bit easier. Check out Part 1 here!

Diaper Genie

I love our Diaper Genie II Elite! When Harry first came home we were putting all his diapers in the DG, which obviously caused it to fill up really fast. We now only throw soiled diapers in the DG and wet ones go in to a regular garbage can. We now only have to empty the DG every two to three weeks. Which sounds gross, but the smell is completely contained! I personally haven't ever refilled the thing, but I've seen Ant do it, and it seems simple enough.


Harry in a 0-3 month jumpsuit, still a bit big on him!

Jumpsuits are the best  kind of baby clothes, especially when it's cold outside! I love how one piece of fabric can keep your kid covered from head to toe. No need to mess with separate shirts and pants. Jumpsuits make diaper changes really easy, just unsnap and you're good to go. This is the jumpsuit Harry is wearing in the picture, so adorable!

Shampoo Rinse Cup


Holy cow do I love this thing! I bought the Garanimals rinse cup from Walmart, I think it was around $5. I initially thought Harry's head would be too small for this cup, but the flexible lip on the front conforms perfectly to his head and has never gotten water in his eyes. I usually fill the cup up about half way and pour it over his head twice to get out all the shampoo. Harry doesn't hate bath time, but he does squirm in the water, so the fact that I can rinse his head with just one hand is great! 

Aveeno Baby Lotion 

Best.Baby.Lotion.Ever. Truth be told it's the only baby lotion I've ever used, but I love it! A couple weeks ago Harry had dry skin all over his body. I used this lotion on him once a day and it completely got rid of it after just a few applications. It's really light and has a nice, subtle scent. I've even used it on myself :) There have been some controversies surrounding some Johnson&Johnson/Aveeno baby products recently, but from everything I've seen its in regards to the shampoos, not lotions.

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