Tuesday, December 20, 2011

6 Week Check Up

The sibs

Harry had his six week well baby check up today. Here are the stats:

     Height: 22 inches, 50th percentile
     Weight: 9 pounds, 25th percentile
     Head Circumference: 25th percentile (I don't recall the actual

Our little preemie isn't so little anymore! I think I was in denial about how big he's gotten. I was expecting him to weigh around seven and a half pounds and be about 20 inches long! Harry got a clean bill of health from the doctor, although I did express a few concerns.

This morning around 4:30am Harry woke up suddenly by crying, coughing and spitting up through his mouth and nose. He had done that once before, but not nearly as much as this morning. Doctor Sam said it was nothing to be worried about, sometimes it just happens. I was worried about how often Harry spits up too, but since he continues to gain weight its normal. I also asked about the monthly milestones Harry should be hitting. From what I've read online, preterm babies aren't expected to hit their milestones by their actual age, but by their adjusted age (calculated from their due date). The doctor thinks Harry will hit all his milestones by his actual age because he was a late preterm baby and is growing like a champ. If he's a few weeks behind on some we can blame it on his prematurity, but anything not achieved within a month would be something to look in to.

Harry also had to get a shot today, his second round of the Hep B vaccine I believe. After the shot he had to get some blood drawn to check for anemia. He of course wailed his head off during the procedures but as soon as the nurse was done he calmed down.

Our next appointment is in a month, and he'll be getting two more shots along with some type of liquid vaccine.

And here's a picture of H-man after we got home from the appointment.

Notice how he's wearing a different outfit... he thought it would be fun to pee all over the first one at the doctor's office!

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