Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ups and Downs

Thank you EVERYONE for your sweet words on our wonderful Harry! They all have meant so much to us :).

Whew... what a whirlwind the past few days have been! Even with the formula feeding Harry wasn't able to regulate his sugar levels. They weren't terrible, but doctors weren't comfortable with them. His were measuring at 41, and the lowest they like to see them is 45. So yesterday he was admitted to the NICU and given an IV. His sugars have been great the past few times they've checked (up to the 70s and 80s!), and as of this evening his IV has been removed!

However, he is having a hard time eating all of his formula. He has been switched to the preemie formula, which has extra calories, so it's thicker, but he can eat less and get what he needs. They'd like to see him eat 25-30mL at each feeding, and last time he only ate about half. Soooo... we're looking at a feeding tube. That just breaks my heart! I know it's for the best since he doesn't need to lose any more weight (he was down about four ounces from his birth weight last night), but I just wish he could snap my fingers and get him to eat! Fortunately we will be able to try and bottle feed him at every feeding before he has to get fed through the tube so he can continue to practice. The NICU nurse who's been looking after Harry today is confident it'll just take him a few more times before it "clicks," since he knows how to do it and his vitals never drop when he feeds. Fingers crossed it goes well!

He has also developed a wonderful tanned skin! Even though his skin color looks great, he probably has jaundice and will have to get put under the billy lights to draw it out of him. This happens to lots of babies and that usually only have to be under the lights for a day or so.

I didn't get put in an actual postpartum room until late last night so Ant and I haven't had our celebration dinner yet. Our hospital gives each set of new parents a special meal on the day they deliver. However, since I had to stay in my delivery room for 24 hours after I gave birth (due to my pre-e diagnosis), we're doing it tonight. It's just a shame Harry can't be here to celebrate with us :(.

I should be discharged tomorrow, but we'll be back at the hospital every day until Harry can join us at home! Here are a few pictures we've taken with our little trooper.

To infinity, and beyond!

Harry's NICU bed and IV

Trying to eat

Comfy with daddy
And my favorite picture so far...

Getting burped after eating half his bottle


  1. Awwwww! He's so tiny and perfect and precious! <3 God bless you guys! I'll be praying he gets to come home with you VERY soon! :)

  2. Aww he is so precious! I have been following your Vlog since day one and then on here. It was so exciting every week to go and look and see what you were up to(: Hope he continues to gain weight and that he can come home soon!

  3. I feel for you sweetie both mine had to go through the same thing. The feeding tube is no big deal but it looks horrendous, he had his for two weeks and she did for one. he had a hard time keeping his food down so it took him a little longer. the bottle feeding will come they are just so little at this point and everything make them sleepy, so the tube just gives them a bit of rest. My son went under the lights for a day as well but that was all he needed and he was fine. It's just not what we expect when we have a baby, but all i can say is try to rest now while you can and know that he is in such good hands. Like i said before one of the perks to this is that he will come home on a schedule which will really help you in the beginning. Good luck to you guys and congrats!!

  4. Lots of prayers to you and your family! He is so adorable omg :) I hope everything runs smoothly for Harry so he can go home with you soon! Lots of love, Robyn.


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