Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Baby, Yet

I'm home! Little man is still nice and cozy in my tummy, too. I got discharged around 5:30 this evening after a loooong day of sitting around doing nothing in my hospital room. My urinalysis came back at 260mg, 300mg indicates preeclampsia. So, with all my elevated blood pressure readings and other symptoms (I've had a couple headaches and was seeing floaters this afternoon), I'm a ticking time bomb for pre-e.

When I was discharged I was put on bed rest. Ugggh. I technically have been on bed rest since August, but now I'm officially on it. I was told that I could stick to a general diet (though I'll still try and keep it as low sodium as I can) and given a list of symptoms that I need to call the doctor about. And on the way home from the hospital we stopped and got this bad boy.

I have to start recording my blood pressure readings multiple times a day, and if I get two readings in a row over 160/110 then I need to call. My first reading was 155/104, close, but still in the okay zone.

Now we're hoping to make it to 37 weeks, which I'll hit on November 12. Doesn't seem like they'll let me go much past then at this point. My hospital doesn't do inductions on Saturdays, so if I can convince my doctor to let me wait until November 14 to start, my dad might actually get to meet his first grandchild right after he's born :).

So, I guess that's all I really have to update on right now. I have to call my doctor tomorrow to schedule my next appointment, and will probably find out more information then. I'm betting we'll do the Group B Strep test at my next visit, too.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!!


  1. Wow glad you are home but sorry about the news :/ My mom had pre-e with my sister and I both and ended up having us 3 weeks early. On a good note 37 weeks is next Saturday - so I will cross my fingers your LO can hold out till then dear!

  2. Continued prayers that you hit your 37 week mark girly. much love as always <3 Robyn

  3. I really hope you have better luck with that meter than I did... it said I had no pulse :( Yay for still baking your baby, prayers that your little man stays inside until he hits 37 weeks


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