Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Magical Prince

I've known since college that my first born son would be named Harry. A few of my friends knew this as well, so even though we didn't announce his name, it wasn't a surprise to everyone.

Considering my love for the boy wizard, I'm sure many people think I named my son after Harry Potter.


Or perhaps because of the royal wedding this year people think my son was named after William's much hotter brother.


While my Harry is in great company with his two British namesakes (Harry is the fourth most popular boy's name in the UK!), he wasn't named after either of them. I got the name Harry from one of my all-time favorite movies, Freaky Friday. Yes, the Lindsay Lohan switcharoo movie! As cheesy as it is, I just love it :). Anyways, the little brother in the movie was played by the cutest little actor and, you guessed it, his name was Harry!


So, that's basically how I came up with my son's name; inspiration comes in strange forms sometimes! I like how cute it is on a little boy and think it will grow well with my son-- I'm sorry, but I just don't know if I can picture a future president named Brayden or Grayson! Unfortunately, Ant wasn't as enthusiastic about the name Harry as I was.

After we found out we were having a boy we started getting more serious about  what our little one's name would be. Of course I suggested Harry about a bazillion times, but was willing to look at other options since Ant wasn't sold on it. We didn't get very far in our first name discussions, because one day, probably around week 22 or 23, it happened.

Ant looked at my growing belly and called our son Harry. I remember being very taken aback by that. But, it was official: our son's name was Harry.

Then came the discussions of whether Harry was going to be his full name, or just a nickname. Harry can be a nickname for Harrison, Harold or Henry (as is the case with Prince Harry), but it can also be a formal name. Harrison was out right away; I'm generally not a fan of -son names (Jackson really being the only exception). Henry didn't last long as a contender either; I like the name but it is getting pretty popular. So, it came down to Harold or Harry. Neither of us really had a preference either way, so we decided which ever name went better with the middle name we chose would be what we put on the birth certificate.

As you guys know, we ended up going with Harry Desmond. Harold Desmond kind of runs together with the two D's. I was planning on discussing his middle name, but this post is getting kind of long, so I'll save that for another time.

Besides, H-man is getting fussy, time to go make a bottle!

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  1. Love this post explaining why your new cutie is named Harry! Thanks for sharing!


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