Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm Still Here

I'm miserable, but I'm still here. My blood pressure has been high all weekend, but just slightly under 160/110, so I haven't had to call the doctor. I do have an appointment tomorrow morning, so unless things get all crazy up in herrrrre, I'll just be chillin' all day.

Yesterday we were in the nursery putting some last minute things in little man's diaper bag, and look who finally realized that the crib isn't just something to hide under.

Slowly but surely she's figuring us out!

Oh, and last night I got woken up by some painful contractions. They weren't terrible, but definitely different from what I've been feeling. I think I maybe had four or five of them, but have no idea how close together they were since I was trying to sleep.

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  1. Lindsey ~ glad your hanging in there ~ hope all went well today at your appointment.


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