Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hospital Photo Shoot

The hospital I delivered at offers newborn photo shoots to all new parents; usually within 24 hours of baby's birth. Ant was really interested in getting them done for some reason, usually he hates pictures! Because I was on a magnesium sulfate IV for 24 hours after Harry was born and then his NICU stay, we didn't get to do them until he was six days old (about an hour before we brought him home).

Here are the pictures!

They turned out alright I think. It's nice to have some nice photos of when Harry was so young.

On December 3rd we're doing another photo shoot with my friend Jessica. She does an amazing job and I can't wait for Harry to be her little model!!

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  1. they turned out really well!! They are so sweet, I really love the first one and the other one with the wedding rings!


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