Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Harry is Home!

Wow, have I been a bad blogger, or what! But, I have an excuse... Harry came home Sunday!

We got to be wheeled out like all the other mommies and babies


On Saturday Harry pulled out his own feeding tube, ha! Nurses never had to put it back in, he ate like a champ at every feeding. We called the NICU on Sunday morning to see what time Harry's next feeding would be and found out that he would be coming home with us. BEST NEWS EVA!

We've now been a family of three for two days, and everything is going great. Ant took this week off work so we've been tag-teaming most diaper changes and feedings. Next week will be the true test when daddy has to go back to work.

Today was Harry's first outing. Our first stop was the pediatrician's office for his new baby check-up. He now weighs 5 pounds 12 ounces; one ounce more than his birth weight and two ounces more than when he left the hospital! He hasn't gotten any taller though, still measuring exactly 19 inches. Everything else looks great and our next appointment is next Tuesday.

After the doctor's office we had to stop at Target for a few necessities. We got to use our stroller for the first time!

Harry slept the whole time, which made for a nice uneventful trip. All of the excitement today tired Harry out so he's now taking a nap in his crib.

Look at that "smile"!

Little does he know he's in for some more excitement tonight... his first bath! Well, his first since being home. Ant and I gave him one at the hospital on Saturday.

Ohhhh... and I have to toot my own horn and say that as of this morning, eight days postpartum, I was half a pound below my starting pregnancy weight. Take that baby weight! I still have a pooch, but I was very happy to see that 15 pounds GONE!

Here are a few other pictures of our sweet Harry.

Their first meeting

Wiped out from his first car ride

Our real celebration dinner after Harry came home

Don't mind the horrible mess... it's all clean now, I promise!

He's so small none of his clothes fit so we have to compromise a bit :)

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  1. I heart this post...you are looking awesome and back to pre-pregnancy weight...OMG thats awesome! So happy you guys got to bring the little man home, the smiles are written all over your faces :) Hope you are feeling better each and every day dear! Us bump ladies are thinking about you :)


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