Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Before I get to the topic at hand, I have to share this cute picture I took of H-man on Tuesday.

Milk Fu Manchu

What a goof!


Since Harry eats formula and pumped breast milk, bottles have kind of over taken our kitchen. Before Harry was born we purchased some Breastflow and Avent bottles to have on hand just in case breastfeeding didn't work out. Good thing, because all of them have been put to good use! We also have a few bottles that attach right to the breast pump and work with the nipples that come with the pre-made Similac bottles (we got a bunch from the hospital when Harry came home).

I'm not particularly in love with any of the bottles we have, but of course, they're all better than nothing. The Avent bottles have this weird extra ring thing you have to attach before screwing the nipple on. The ring is supposed to reduce colic, which I like, but when I'm making a bottle at three in the morning for a screaming baby I want something that I can put together easily without much thought. I've forgotten the ring a few times and have ended up with formula all over me... gross!

The Breastflow bottles also have their fair share of issues. They're designed to be more like breasts (hence the name), so the baby has to work a bit harder to get the milk. Since Harry has been bottle fed since birth it took him a few tries before he really got the hang of them. The nipples of the Breastflow bottles are two parts, and while I haven't forgotten to put them together before a feeding, it does make cleaning them a bit of a pain.

As evident in the picture above, Harry spits up. Ya ya ya, all babies spit up. This afternoon he actually had some projectile spit up. I almost took a picture of it, but I decided to spare everyone with that image :). According to my super scientific research (har har), bottle fed babies spit up because they swallow a lot more air than breastfed babies. Which brings me to my current mission: find a spit up-free bottle!

So, less air = less spit up, right? Makes sense to me. After all that research I decided to order the Playtex Drop-Ins from Amazon.


These bottles have been around forever, and a vast majority of the reviews on Amazon, Walmart and Target are positive, so I'm hoping they work for us! The Drop-Ins use a disposable insert that you squeeze the air out of before giving it to baby. And as your baby drinks the insert collapses on itself preventing any air from getting in to the bottle, or your baby's tummy. Plus, because the inserts are disposable there is less to clean!

Once we get the bottles and use them a few times I'll let everyone know what we think.


  1. My sister-in-law bought all kinds of fancy bottles before my nephew was born and none of them worked. He would spit up all the time or be fussy. Then last christmas she forgot to pack his bottles and the only place open was CVS and she bought those playtex inserts and he absotuley LOVED them. She never went back.
    Good luck!!!

  2. Remember, effort a sterilized bottle get in the outdoors for too long may result within the accumulation of a lot of microorganism. Therefore, you'll keep a secure of sorts for your sterile bottles - this technique is most well-liked if you clean several bottles at a time see more information.


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