Friday, November 4, 2011

Blizzard Baby?

At the hospital this morning my husband got asked the most amazing question ever. On the way back to our car from the doctor's office an old man pointed to my belly and asked Ant, "So, did you do that during the blizzard?"

If you're from the Midwest you might recall the HUGE blizzard we experienced at the beginning of February. Apparently there has been a mini-baby boom in the area because of it! The local news actually did a story on it the other night. We got a good chuckle out of the question, but no, our baby isn't a blizzard baby. However, he'll be born with all of them :).

Here's this week's belly shot!

35 weeks 6 days

Aren't my PhotoShop skillz awesome?!? :)

Our doctor's appointment this morning went as expected. We met another one of the doctors in the practice, who is actually this weekend's on-call doctor. She was this close to sending me back to labor and delivery because of my blood pressure. It was registering just as high as it was on Monday. Uggh! However, my NST was fine, so she was comfortable sending me home... for now. She also increased the dosage of my blood pressure medicine, despite what the MFM doctor recommended on Monday. So far it hasn't helped :(.

With the increased meds I now have to call if I get one blood pressure reading above 160/110. I just have this feeling I'll be back in the hospital before my next appointment on Monday. I also got my Strep B culture done today, and I was checked again. Still no progress.

Here's hoping for an uneventful weekend, I've got two craft projects I'm working on for people and I'd like to get them done before little guy makes his appearance!

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  1. A bit forward to ask a question like that, huh? Essentially, he said, "Hey, did ya bang your wife during that blizzard we had?" LOL

    Hoping your blood pressure stays stable until your little guy is fully cooked!


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