Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ultrasounds and Booze

So as you guys know we had our free ultrasound at the community college today. It was so fun! Seven or eight students got to give me an ultrasound, so we saw little man for well over an hour! Each of the students (who have only been in the program since August) had to correctly place the transducer for a head, abdomen and femur measurement. He was moving around quite a bit and made some students work harder than others on getting all the right pictures!

After the students finished their exams one of the instructors took over and tried to get us a few pictures. Per usual, he wasn't super cooperative, but we were able to get one face shot of him and actually got to see him put his hand in his mouth on the screen! Can you say cutest thing ever!?! We'll scan all the ultrasound pictures from this week tonight and I'll share them soon.

Stockin' Up on Booze

After we were done with the ultrasound we decided to stop at Trader Joe's, which was on the way home. There's a Binny's Beverage Depot in the same parking lot at TJ's so I suggested we stop in there first, just for fun. I have been wanting to buy alcohol with a big pregnant belly! Obviously, I won't be drinking any of it until after I deliver, but I thought it would be fun :).

Ant and I went to college in Columbia, Missouri. A semi-local favorite there is a beer called Boulevard Wheat, from a brewery out of Kansas City. You can buy it everywhere and all the bars have it on tap. It's usually served with a slice of lemon and is oh-so-delish! Recently we were talking about Boulevard and checked their website to see if we could buy it in our area. According to their website there are a few liquor stores in Chicago that sell it, but nothing in the suburbs.

So imagine our surprise when we saw this on the shelf!

Yep, apparently Binny's has Boulevard! We of course picked up a six-pack. I told Ant that he just needs to save one for me for after the baby comes. Here's everything else we bought.

I've never heard of Bree wines before, but I like the bottle, and I like riesling, so hopefully that works out. I have been wanting to try Skinnygirl Cocktails and thought the Sangria sounded like the best of the bunch! Although both the Margarita and Cosmo look good, too. The other beer we got was from another local brewery, 3Floyds out of Munster, Indiana. Ant knows a few people who've recommended it, so he picked up the Dreadnaught ale to try.

Soooo who wants to babysit so we can have a booze filled night without acting like totally irresponsible parents? :)

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