Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last MFM Appointment

Today I tried my hand at my fourth, and last recipe for the week! I don't think I've cooked four straight meals in a row since getting married. We'll do microwave meals or sandwiches at least once a week. And I don't know if I can really count yesterday's frozen pizza, but the side dish was from a cookbook!

This afternoon I started on some smoky turkey chili, which I've made a few times before. I did tweak the recipe slightly this time, though. I added some celery and mushrooms to the veggie mix, sprinkled in a bit of cayenne pepper and cut down on the amount of instant espresso powder.

The changes made for a tasty dinner, I'll have to jot them down in the cookbook for next time. This recipe yields quite a bit of chili so we have a lot to freeze.

I think I'll probably go through the cookbook again this weekend to see what I can't make from it next week!

Last MFM Appointment
Today we had our last appointment with maternal fetal medicine. I suppose there is a chance we might be back, but we didn't schedule anything. It's always fun seeing our little guy on the ultrasound machine. However, it was not fun to see that his head is measuring over 37 weeks... Yikes! Over all he is measuring at 35 weeks and 3 days, so just 5 days ahead of schedule, but dang, he's got a big noggin!

Everything looked great at the appointment, and not so little guy weighs in at nearly 6 pounds already! Fluid levels were perfect and my blood pressure was good (she didn't say exactly what it was though). We even got a few profile pictures this time! They're not the greatest, but at least it's something.

So, we decided to go ahead and get the free ultrasound on Saturday. I'm super excited about it! Because it's for a class I'm hoping that they'll spend a lot of time going over everything and that we get tons of great pictures. Not sure if the college has a 3D ultrasound or not, but I'm hoping they do!

And just for fun, here is Pearl in her new favorite hang out spot.

Ant kind of makes a hammock with the blanket and she'll stay in it forever :).


  1. The chili looks so good! And, glad everything looks good with your little guy. Bigger head means bigger brain! ;)

  2. I suppose there is a chance we might be back, but we didn't schedule anything.

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