Saturday, October 8, 2011

Inside Bump

Here is my 31 week bump!

31 weeks 6 days

Since it's starting to get cooler out I think I'll do the rest of my bump pictures inside from now on. Once the nursery is complete I'll do them in there! This week I wanted to show off my nursery furniture-less living room. Ever since we got the furniture (back in April or May) we've had a nice little pile of stuff right in front of the bookshelf. We literally had no where else to put it, but I hated looking at it on the floor for over five months.

Right after we got rid of our extra furniture in the nursery we put together the crib and changing table. However, we still had the dresser waiting to be assembled. If you guys watched my 31 week vlog you'll know we got that put together this week, so the floor is clear again! The glider has also been completed, so our furniture building escapades are over :).

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