Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grilled Lemon Chicken

Back in January I first tried my hand at a lemon herb chicken. I got the first recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and tonight I tried the version from the Weight Watchers cookbook. Both recipes were good, but I like how the WW one was a lot less complicated, and took a lot less time to prepare!

The recipe said to use an actual grill to cook the chicken, but I used our broiler since we don't have a grill. I broiled the breasts for about five minutes on each side, and they were done! Since the chicken was so healthy (just four WW points per breast), I thought it would be fine to pair it with something not so healthy.

Paula Deen's red potatoes! We found these at Target the other day. To prepare them all you have to do is microwave the bag for five minutes, super simple! They turned out alright, I prefer the ones by Green Giant though (which I've only ever seen at Meijer).

Since this week has unintentionally become Food Week here on TAW, I'm thinking tomorrow night I'll just do a frozen pizza (there is a Home Run Inn pizza in my freezer screaming my name!) along with the garlic broccoli from the WW cookbook.

Disclaimer: I am not currently following the Weight Watchers program. Being 34 weeks pregnant I realize it is important to adequately fuel my body for my growing baby. However, after gaining a disgusting amount of weight last week I am trying to make better food choices, and the WW cookbook offers many healthy options that can benefit any lifestyle.

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