Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Extra Ultrasound?

Tonight for dinner I made the garlic broccoli from the Weight Watchers cookbook along with that Home Run Inn pizza from our freezer. Both turned out really well!

Nearly all veggies are zero WW points, but since I sauteed the broccoli in a bit of EVOO a serving is one point. This was actually my first time making fresh broccoli! I usually stick to the frozen stuff, which has a much different taste than what I cooked tonight.

Extra Ultrasound
Back in July I found out about a program through our local community college that offers free ultrasounds to pregnant women as part of their ultrasound tech training program. As soon as I found out about the program I called to try and sign up. I never heard back from anyone, and then I became high risk and have had two extra ultrasounds with MFM.

Tomorrow morning we actually have our third ultrasound with MFM. I'm betting this will be the last time we have to go see the high risk doctor since my tentative induction date is just a month and two days away (can you say crazy!?!?). And then today I actually got a call from a lady at the community college asking if I wanted to come in on Saturday for the free ultrasound! I had completely forgotten about the program until I heard her message.

I'm all for seeing little guy twice in one week, but admittedly I'm a little nervous doing two ultrasounds so close together. I know plenty of people get them much more frequently than I have without any problems, so I don't know how rational my fear is. I discussed it with the hubby and we decided that if we get some good pictures tomorrow with MFM we won't go in on Saturday, and if we don't, we will.

I also wonder how good of pictures we could possibly get at this point, even if little guy cooperates and lets us see his face. At nearly 35 weeks I doubt he's got much room in there so he's probably all smooshed!

Either way, hopefully I'll have some updated pictures to post in the next few days.

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  1. I've had 2 ultrasounds in one day before...and I've had one every week during the entire pregnancy. I'm sure they're safe. :) Hope you get some good pics!!


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