Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Dark Side of the Bed

I've always been extremely loyal to my side of the bed. Even before it was "our" bed, I slept on the same side. But with the new addition to our family we've had to switch things up. Little man will be sleeping in the Pack n' Play in our room for a bit before switching over to crib sleeping full time. We will be putting him in the crib for naps starting from day one to get him used to being in it, though.

Our room is on the smaller size and with the way we had it set up, we knew we would have to do a bit of rearranging to get the PnP to fit. Basically all we had to do was move the bed and night stands further from the wall to make room for it. It's now a little tighter to get to the bathroom, but not that big of a deal. I used to sleep on the bathroom side, but since I'll be the one waking up with him for late night feedings it makes more sense for me to sleep on the side closest to the PnP.

We also had to buy a lamp for the night stand on my new side. I think the main floor lamp in our room will be too bright in the middle of the night so we picked up one with a 40 watt bulb at Wal-Mart that'll work just fine.

Here it is all set up!

This is the sheet we have, it fits the mattress perfectly and is super soft! And then there's the cat issue... We've had the PnP all set up for about five days now, and today was the first day she realized she could get in to it. Uggh. I don't think it'll really end up being a problem since I won't let Pearl sleep in our bedroom while he's sleeping with us (sad face!), but I did put it away so she doesn't get too comfortable with it before he gets here.

Slowly but surely we are getting through our to-do list. We actually added to it today... car seat safety class! It is offered free through the hospital so we thought it would be a good idea. Class is this Tuesday. I don't think we'll actually get the car seat installed, but they do want you to bring one to class. We also signed up for our hospital tour, which will be October 18th.

This baby shizz is getting so real! As of today there are only 55 more days until December 3rd!

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