Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Car Seat Safety

Last night we took our car seat safety class at the hospital. It was free, so why not, right? Like the Baby Basics class, we figured there would be quite a few parents attending. Wrong again! This time there were only three couples, including us. We recognized one of the couples from the Baby Basics class, so at least we're not the only soon-to-be parents in our area getting prepared!

Most of the stuff we already knew, but it was good to get a little refresher. The most beneficial part of the class was when we got to put a baby doll in our car seat. With so many straps and buckles those things are complicated! I don't think I would have figured out how to tighten the straps on my own... whoops!

Glad we can check that off the to-do list. We'll probably put the car seat in my car sometime around the first week of November. We'll also take it to the police station that week for the inspection. One thing the instructor pointed out was that recently she was involved with a car seat inspection with 40 car seats. All 40 were improperly installed! So even if you think you've put it in correctly, it really doesn't hurt to take it in just to be sure. It is your child we're talking about!

Graco SnugRide infant car seat and base

This morning we finished up watching our online birth class. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I really like the free class from Baby Center! It was well worth our time, and we'll probably re-watch a few chapters closer to little man's arrival.

Tomorrow's to-do list includes going to the hardware store to figure out how to hang up the embroidery hoop art I made without poking 12 holes in the wall... wish us luck on that! We also want to mount the letters of his name on some sort of plaque to hang over the crib, so hopefully we will find one that'll work.

Oh... and this weekend we're going on a riverboat tour! I bought tickets through Groupon for the St. Charles Paddlewheel Riverboat tour back in July for Ant's birthday and this is the last weekend we can use them. I went on this tour when I was about 10 years old and remember enjoying it, hopefully I'll like it just as much the second time around!


  1. ALL 40 were installed wrong? I find that hard to believe. Were all 40 sets of parents retarded? LOL The car seat we got has levels on the base and our cars have the LATCH system so it can't be that hard.

  2. Thats what she said! Ours has the latch system too but we're going to put it in the middle so you have to use the seat belt.


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