Saturday, October 29, 2011


35 weeks down.
35 days to go!

Well, it's more like 30 days to go until the tentative induction on November 28th. So, we have a month, at most, until we meet little man!

Here is this week's belly shot.

34 weeks 6 days

Yesterday was a busy one! Ant and I first went to our realtor's office to sign next year's lease, yay! Then we had our prenatal meet-and-greet with a local pediatrician. He was alright, but we'd like to meet one or two more before we make our final decision.

Our meeting with the pediatrician only took about 15 minutes and then Ant and I went to the Olive Garden for dinner. We had a gift card so dinner cost us about $7! After filling our bellies we went to JC Penny because they were having a good sale on their baby stuff. We got a few outfits and some swaddle blankets. I'll try and remember to show everything in my upcoming 35 week vlog.

When we were done at Penny's we ran over to Ulta so I could pick up a few things with the 20% off coupon I had.

I went mainly to get the Bare Minerals, I've been using the brand since high school, it really is the best! I'm just about out of my bronzer so I needed to get a new one. I've also been using the L'Oreal Infallible lip gloss for a few years now. I like how it lasts for a long time without flaking off, like many other long wear lip glosses. And what can I say about the Archipelago Botanicals Soy Creme Milk? A former coworker of mine introduced me to this uber luxurious hand cream and I needed to stock up before the cold winter weather hits Chicago!

Ant bought me the DKNY perfume. He actually bought me a full bottle of Delicious for our six month anniversary back in 2006. That bottle is long gone so when he saw this mini spray at the store he offered to get it for me. Who am I to turn down a present?

When we got home we cleaned our bathroom and I ironed the valances we're hanging in the nursery. We got the drill from my dad so we'll be putting up the curtain rod this weekend.

And now we're off to our free ultrasound at the community college. So excited to see little man one last time before he makes his appearance!

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