Wednesday, October 19, 2011

33 Week Vlog

Here is this week's video.

There are 45 days left until my due date... and 40 days until my induction date (if I did the math correctly)! Crazy! This morning Ant and I got all the rest of little man's clothes ready to be washed. Most of his stuff still had the tags on it.

We also sat down for a good half hour discussing middle names. I still don't know if we've stumbled across the one, so I'm sure many more discussions are in store for us. While we mutually decided not to name our children after anyone, I'd still like at least part of his name to hold some sort of significance to us. For instance, one of the contenders is from a character in the first movie we ever watched together, and another is the name of the musician from the first CD Ant ever burned for me (this musician also acted as Ant's personal ringtone for a good year and a half).

There is one name I love that would be kind of a tribute to where we met, but pairing it with his first name would be a terrible idea, so unfortunately, that one is out of the running. Blerg, this kid just might not get a middle name at this point!

Any other ideas as to where we might find some inspiration for a great middle name?


  1. I think those are great ideas for middle names! We decided to go the family route and do 2 middle names after both of our fathers. The first name we chose because of the meaning and because we like all the nicknames. Vincent means "Conqueror" and after all we've been through, we feel like together with this baby, we have truly conquered infertility! The middle names are Carroll (John's dad) and James (my dad) and they mean "Fierce Warrior" and "Supplanter", respectively. So...when you add it all up, we should have a pretty badass little boy on our hands. ;)

  2. btw, you've inspired me to start blogging again! Follow me! I can't promise it will be interesting...probably slow to start with but trust me, they'll get better! Earlier this year, I transplanted my entire MySpace blog here and I've only added a few posts since then but I intend to step it up. :)

  3. I wonder why there's no Follow button on mine?? On my screen, along the top of the page it says
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    You don't see that on my page?


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