Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"When Are You Due?"

PSA: My fa-fa-fa-favorite eyeliner is on sale right now at Ulta for just $2 (online and in-store)! This was actually the first eyeliner I ever bought back in high school and I keep going back to it. And trust me, I know a heckuva lot about eyeliner. I've used basically every brand on the market from the cheap drugstore stuff to the expensive department store brands and always come back to my tried-and-true!

So it finally happened today, I got asked the million dollar question*. "When are you due?" asked a lady today at Target. I.Was.Floored. Pretty exciting, right? It was, until I saw who asked me the most exciting question of my life. It was her. I had a run-in with her back in December. If I recall correctly, I was in the Christmas department looking at these stocking holders when she asked me how long I'd been married (uhh... like 5 days at that point!). The conversation started out innocently enough when she asked what I did for a living. I proceeded to tell her when she asked the one dollar question**. She wanted to know if I was interested in taking her How to Start a Business Or Somecraplikethat seminar. Uhhh, no thanks. And mind you, this "business woman" had just gotten done telling me that she was a psychologist... what?

Obviously this woman's seminar isn't taking off like she'd hoped it would since she is still trying to find clients who are shopping and minding their own business at Target. I recognized her right away this afternoon (who, btw, is a very professional and normal looking person) and shut that convo down! I quickly muttered "December" and walked away. No way was she going to have the chance to try and sucker me in to anything again!

Sigh... what could have been one of the best pregnant days ever ended in a bust. But the moral of the story is still the same... I look pregnant to people! 

And here is this week's vlog!

* May be substituted with "How far along are you?" but never "Are you having twins?"
** I'm pretty sure soliciting is frowned upon at Target.

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