Friday, September 23, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Baby Bump!

First things first, who watched The Office last night? I did, I did! In general I liked it. Of course I loved that there are not one but two pregnant ladies at Dunder Mifflin this year! I'm not quite sure how I feel about the new CEO though. It's just weird that they signed James Spader on as a regular cast member. When it was Kathy Bates she was just a guest star in a few episodes. Which makes a heckuva lot more sense considering the corporate office is in Florida and the regional branch is in Pennsylvania... so we'll see how that unfolds.

Shrinking Baby Bump

Here is this week's semi truck belly shot.

29 weeks 6 days
And for comparaison, here is last week's.

28 weeks 6 days
Don't I look so much smaller this week? Weird, right? While I obviously know my baby hasn't shrank (or is it shrunk?), the conspiracy theorist in me has a couple ideas. One... baby is positioned at a different angle this week and Two... the pants I'm wearing this week are a size smaller than the ones I wore last week (both are Old Navy maternity) so I think the belly panel on this week's pants are just sucking in my tummy more (built in Spanx!).

I'm hoping to make some more headway on the nursery this weekend, but we also have our Baby Basics class tomorrow! We opted to not take a real birthing class and are just working through the one on Baby Center (so far so good!) but thought a crash course on parenting would be helpful. I babysat a ton when I was younger but I think the youngest child I ever cared for was at least six or seven months old, so caring for a newborn is uncharted territory for me!

Oh, and on Monday we have our second ultrasound with the high-risk OB. I'm hoping that he's still measuring right on track and that we don't have to go back, but we shall see.

And one more thing...

I'm thinking two months from today (eeek!) would be the perfect birthday for little man! Of course 11-11-11 would be really awesome, but that's a tad bit early I'm thinking. 11-23-11 would be just perfect! I'll be  38 weeks and 4 days that day. Why, you ask? Well, Ant's birthday is July 22 and mine is January 24, so November 23 just makes sense :). Of course now since I've said something about it he'll come on a different day, but a mom can dream, can't she?

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