Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Want to Kick Murphy's Ass!

First, here is my 27 week pregnancy vlog.

Epic Fail

You know Murphy's law? It states "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." If ever there were a law to define my life, that would be it! In my vlog above I mentioned how yesterday I took my glucose tolerance test (GTT) at my doctor's appointment. This test, to screen for gestational diabetes (GD), is a standard test all pregnant ladies have to take between 26 and 28 weeks.

Happier Times at the OB's office

This morning I got the dreaded phone call... I failed the one hour GTT test. Failing this test doesn't necessarily mean I have GD, but I do have to go in tomorrow for a three hour GTT test. Ugh. I really have this feeling that I have the dreaded GD. According to the Wikipedia entry on GD, not everyone has symptoms but for those that do, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, increased thirst and blurred vision have been documented (among a few other symptoms I've not experienced). Considering I've talked about all of those in past vlogs (three of the four in this week's alone!), I doubt I'll be passing the three hour test either.

Like I said, Murphy's Law! So not only am I dealing with this hypertension crap, I will now possibly probably have to deal with GD, too. I suppose it could always be worse and I of course am very thankful that little man was measuring right on track at last week's ultrasound, but it still sucks.

I have to start fasting as of 8pm tonight, so I am going to be eating a very large dinner! Ant said he would take me out somewhere considering this could be my "last supper" for a while. Now I just gotta figure out what I want!

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