Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Am Not Responsible For This

No, really, I had nothing to do with this!

This is what I saw when I opened my freezer today. Apparently Ant bought a Groupon a while back that entitled him to $15 worth of ice cream from our local grocery store, Jewel. On any regular day I'd say you could get three boxes of ice cream treats for $15. But apparently when he went to the store the Groupon-approved ice cream was already on sale for Buy One Get One Free! So, we now have about $30 worth of ice cream sittin' pretty in our freezer.

Okay, maybe $28 worth since I just ate a Mrs. Fields Klondike :).


  1. Omg Cherry Garcia.... um and now I am totally craving a Fudge Klondike bar-that looks amazing right about now lol!

  2. Hold up, Mrs. Field's Klondike? Uh, I want. AND BROWNIE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES?!? I'd so visit your freezer ...


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