Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall TV Time

I'm not a big fan of September. Every year I say it starts getting colder way too early. I love the warm weather and am a very happy camper from May to August. And trust me, I'll tell you the exact same thing on the hottest day of the year!

However, with the cooler weather comes something I do love... new TV shows! Here's the rundown of the new fall shows I'm looking forward to.

The X Factor (FOX)

Ant and I actually went to one of the Chicago X Factor auditions back in May. We had a really fun time and it was interesting to see how shows like that work. I will say the contestants sound so different in person than they do on TV! It's hard to describe, but I will say that the contestants' microphones are much better suited for TV, which I suppose is the point. I'm watching the first episode right now and think that the Chicago auditions are going to kind of get lost in the mix unfortunately.
You guys might remember the controversery surrounding original judge Cheryl Cole. She was at our auditions (and did an okay job I thought), but was fired right afterwards and replaced with Nicole Scherzinger (who was at our auditions, but as a host of the show). At the beginning of the show tonight they said that Cheryl was only going to be at the Los Angeles auditions, so we'll see!
I watch American Idol every year so I'm curious to see how the X Factor is different. Plus after last years sub-par AI season, I'm glad to have Simon Cowell back on TV!

ETA: Yep, seems like they skipped over the Chicago auditions, they went straight from the LA auditions to Seattle... Chicago was definitely in between those two!

Up All Night (NBC)
I don't know if I should be watching this show yet! I have a feeling it's going to scare me too much :). So far there have been two episodes of this new sitcom about becoming new parents staring Will Arnett, Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph. I think I liked the first episode better but will continue to watch... for now. Plus, the little girl on the show is really cute!

Parks and Recreation (NBC)
One of my favorite shows over the past couple of years! Last season was just phenomenal and am excited to see where the new season goes (I believe it premiers tomorrow). I think I'm most excited to meet Tammy 1 and Tammy 0!

Modern Family (ABC)
Another one of my favorites! Normally I'm not a fan of recasting characters, but with tonight's season premier I was proven wrong! The show has recast Lily, the adopted daughter of Mitch and Cam. The new Lily looks a lot like the old Lily, albeit about a year older and a little more spunky. However, she still has those signature blank stares that the first Lily originated. And OMG... tonight's season premier was killer! I liked the second episode better, but they were both good!

And of course my favorite...

The Office (NBC)
The Office is my all time favorite TV show. I've probably seen the first 100 episodes 30 times each (did I really just admit that?), so to say I was sad that Steve Carrell left the show this past spring is an understatement. I did think his sendoff was fitting (and a tad tongue-in-cheek) and am very curious how the dynamic of Dunder Mifflin will change this season. Plus Pam is preggers again, woo!

Other shows I'll be watching include Community, Glee, and I DVR'd The Playboy Club the other night.

What are you guys watching this year?

Ohh, and here is my 29 week pregnancy update, in case the new fall shows aren't enough entertainment for you!

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