Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Capital Evening

Last night Ant and I had our fun date night at The Capital Grille. The restaurant was everything I remembered, and more!

29 weeks 0 days
Is that a tie?!?!
Yay for self timers! And really tall cat perches :)

When we got to the restaurant we were seated almost immediately. As the hostess took us to our table she asked me the million dollar question! I was much more excited this time around, however we did put on our online reservation that we were celebrating the upcoming arrival of our son, so I assume she just asked based on that.

The service at The Capital Grille is really top notch, our server was very attentive and my water glass was never more than a quarter empty... very important to a pregnant lady who constantly needs to be hydrated! As far as the meal went, I basically stuck to my original plan, which proved to be the right choice, everything was delish!

(Sorry the pictures aren't that great, it's hard to take focused pictures in a dim restaurant!)

My Caesar salad, no anchovies  (obvi)

Ant's lobster bisque
My filet mignon with onions and mushrooms
Ant's swordfish and seasonal veggies
Au gratin potatoes
World famous lobster mac n' cheese

To say Ant loved the lobster mac n' cheese would be quite the understatement. I won't even tell you guys what he likened it to :). My favorite part of the meal was the dessert. We split a cheesecake. It usually comes with a strawberry sauce and fresh berries, but I ordered those on the side since I'm not a fan. Ant added some of the sauce to his half though.

Best dessert EVAH!

All in all we had a great night! We'd love to go back for our first wedding anniversary in December, but a) We'll most likely have a newborn at that point and b) the meal cost more than what I get in unemployment benefits for a whole week (and Ant only ordered one Jack and Coke!)! Maybe we'll make it back for our second wedding anniversary.

We have our 29 week doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. I'm thinking this appointment will be another boring one (a good thing!). If I had a negative blood type this is around the time I'd be getting the RhoGAM shot, but I'm pretty sure I'm an O+ so I don't have to do that. We'll probably talk about when my NSTs will start though. And I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to talk about my birth plan with our doctor. I don't have a real concrete plan, but would like to discuss some things with her just to make sure we're on the same page.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. You look amazing and so happy :) I love your red dress too and the baby bump! Oh and the food looks yummmmy!


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