Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Baby

We had our second ultrasound with MFM yesterday. Holy cow there's a big baby in there! He is measuring nine days ahead of our original due date, so that would make him due November 24th. And his estimated weight is nearly four pounds already!

Here is this week's vlog.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Am Not Responsible For This

No, really, I had nothing to do with this!

This is what I saw when I opened my freezer today. Apparently Ant bought a Groupon a while back that entitled him to $15 worth of ice cream from our local grocery store, Jewel. On any regular day I'd say you could get three boxes of ice cream treats for $15. But apparently when he went to the store the Groupon-approved ice cream was already on sale for Buy One Get One Free! So, we now have about $30 worth of ice cream sittin' pretty in our freezer.

Okay, maybe $28 worth since I just ate a Mrs. Fields Klondike :).

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Learning the Basics

This morning we had our Baby Basics class! Our class was taught by an RN with 20+ years of experience in L&D, she was a hoot! I thought the class would be bigger, but including Ant and I there were only five couples in attendance. Three were due in October, one in November, and then there was us, due in December.

There was a ton of information to take in during the class, but I thought it was presented in a clear and concise manner. Some of the topics covered included: what happens in the hospital after you give birth, circumcision, swaddling, umbilical cord care, bathing, diaper changing, breastfeeding, sleeping/tummy time, when to call the pediatrician and general safety guidelines.

We also got to meet with a local pediatrician who was able to answer any questions we had. I didn't realize that our baby will be seen by the pediatrician every day we're in the hospital, how great is that?!? I really liked the pediatrician we met, however her main office is closer to the other hospital in our "network" and I'm sure we can find a good office that is a bit closer (her office is only like 20 minutes away, so it's not that far or anything).

One point the teacher made really resonated with me. She said to take try out of your vocabulary when talking about breastfeeding. So, I am no longer going to try to breastfeed my baby, I am going to breastfeed! Wow, that makes it seem so much more real, because I have been saying try this whole time.

I will say that the $45 we spent on the class is some of the best money we've spent this entire pregnancy! We really learned a lot of invaluable information. Plus, we got some neat swag!

Taco shells not included
Lots of free samples!

In the folder we got a print out of the PowerPoint used in the class, a father's guide to L&D, infant CPR and car seat safety class info, a bunch of other brochures and the Caring for Your Newborn DVD by Howbility. And I'm loving the little organizer all the samples came in, I was going to look for something similar to put all our creams and stuff in for the changing table, but now I don't have to!

Next on our agenda is to schedule our nursery tour! True, I've spent a significant amount of time in the L&D wing of our hospital already, but I'd still like to take an official tour since I was confined to my room the entire time I was there. I'm thinking we'll probably schedule the tour for the end of October.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Baby Bump!

First things first, who watched The Office last night? I did, I did! In general I liked it. Of course I loved that there are not one but two pregnant ladies at Dunder Mifflin this year! I'm not quite sure how I feel about the new CEO though. It's just weird that they signed James Spader on as a regular cast member. When it was Kathy Bates she was just a guest star in a few episodes. Which makes a heckuva lot more sense considering the corporate office is in Florida and the regional branch is in Pennsylvania... so we'll see how that unfolds.

Shrinking Baby Bump

Here is this week's semi truck belly shot.

29 weeks 6 days
And for comparaison, here is last week's.

28 weeks 6 days
Don't I look so much smaller this week? Weird, right? While I obviously know my baby hasn't shrank (or is it shrunk?), the conspiracy theorist in me has a couple ideas. One... baby is positioned at a different angle this week and Two... the pants I'm wearing this week are a size smaller than the ones I wore last week (both are Old Navy maternity) so I think the belly panel on this week's pants are just sucking in my tummy more (built in Spanx!).

I'm hoping to make some more headway on the nursery this weekend, but we also have our Baby Basics class tomorrow! We opted to not take a real birthing class and are just working through the one on Baby Center (so far so good!) but thought a crash course on parenting would be helpful. I babysat a ton when I was younger but I think the youngest child I ever cared for was at least six or seven months old, so caring for a newborn is uncharted territory for me!

Oh, and on Monday we have our second ultrasound with the high-risk OB. I'm hoping that he's still measuring right on track and that we don't have to go back, but we shall see.

And one more thing...

I'm thinking two months from today (eeek!) would be the perfect birthday for little man! Of course 11-11-11 would be really awesome, but that's a tad bit early I'm thinking. 11-23-11 would be just perfect! I'll be  38 weeks and 4 days that day. Why, you ask? Well, Ant's birthday is July 22 and mine is January 24, so November 23 just makes sense :). Of course now since I've said something about it he'll come on a different day, but a mom can dream, can't she?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall TV Time

I'm not a big fan of September. Every year I say it starts getting colder way too early. I love the warm weather and am a very happy camper from May to August. And trust me, I'll tell you the exact same thing on the hottest day of the year!

However, with the cooler weather comes something I do love... new TV shows! Here's the rundown of the new fall shows I'm looking forward to.

The X Factor (FOX)

Ant and I actually went to one of the Chicago X Factor auditions back in May. We had a really fun time and it was interesting to see how shows like that work. I will say the contestants sound so different in person than they do on TV! It's hard to describe, but I will say that the contestants' microphones are much better suited for TV, which I suppose is the point. I'm watching the first episode right now and think that the Chicago auditions are going to kind of get lost in the mix unfortunately.
You guys might remember the controversery surrounding original judge Cheryl Cole. She was at our auditions (and did an okay job I thought), but was fired right afterwards and replaced with Nicole Scherzinger (who was at our auditions, but as a host of the show). At the beginning of the show tonight they said that Cheryl was only going to be at the Los Angeles auditions, so we'll see!
I watch American Idol every year so I'm curious to see how the X Factor is different. Plus after last years sub-par AI season, I'm glad to have Simon Cowell back on TV!

ETA: Yep, seems like they skipped over the Chicago auditions, they went straight from the LA auditions to Seattle... Chicago was definitely in between those two!

Up All Night (NBC)
I don't know if I should be watching this show yet! I have a feeling it's going to scare me too much :). So far there have been two episodes of this new sitcom about becoming new parents staring Will Arnett, Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph. I think I liked the first episode better but will continue to watch... for now. Plus, the little girl on the show is really cute!

Parks and Recreation (NBC)
One of my favorite shows over the past couple of years! Last season was just phenomenal and am excited to see where the new season goes (I believe it premiers tomorrow). I think I'm most excited to meet Tammy 1 and Tammy 0!

Modern Family (ABC)
Another one of my favorites! Normally I'm not a fan of recasting characters, but with tonight's season premier I was proven wrong! The show has recast Lily, the adopted daughter of Mitch and Cam. The new Lily looks a lot like the old Lily, albeit about a year older and a little more spunky. However, she still has those signature blank stares that the first Lily originated. And OMG... tonight's season premier was killer! I liked the second episode better, but they were both good!

And of course my favorite...

The Office (NBC)
The Office is my all time favorite TV show. I've probably seen the first 100 episodes 30 times each (did I really just admit that?), so to say I was sad that Steve Carrell left the show this past spring is an understatement. I did think his sendoff was fitting (and a tad tongue-in-cheek) and am very curious how the dynamic of Dunder Mifflin will change this season. Plus Pam is preggers again, woo!

Other shows I'll be watching include Community, Glee, and I DVR'd The Playboy Club the other night.

What are you guys watching this year?

Ohh, and here is my 29 week pregnancy update, in case the new fall shows aren't enough entertainment for you!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Capital Evening

Last night Ant and I had our fun date night at The Capital Grille. The restaurant was everything I remembered, and more!

29 weeks 0 days
Is that a tie?!?!
Yay for self timers! And really tall cat perches :)

When we got to the restaurant we were seated almost immediately. As the hostess took us to our table she asked me the million dollar question! I was much more excited this time around, however we did put on our online reservation that we were celebrating the upcoming arrival of our son, so I assume she just asked based on that.

The service at The Capital Grille is really top notch, our server was very attentive and my water glass was never more than a quarter empty... very important to a pregnant lady who constantly needs to be hydrated! As far as the meal went, I basically stuck to my original plan, which proved to be the right choice, everything was delish!

(Sorry the pictures aren't that great, it's hard to take focused pictures in a dim restaurant!)

My Caesar salad, no anchovies  (obvi)

Ant's lobster bisque
My filet mignon with onions and mushrooms
Ant's swordfish and seasonal veggies
Au gratin potatoes
World famous lobster mac n' cheese

To say Ant loved the lobster mac n' cheese would be quite the understatement. I won't even tell you guys what he likened it to :). My favorite part of the meal was the dessert. We split a cheesecake. It usually comes with a strawberry sauce and fresh berries, but I ordered those on the side since I'm not a fan. Ant added some of the sauce to his half though.

Best dessert EVAH!

All in all we had a great night! We'd love to go back for our first wedding anniversary in December, but a) We'll most likely have a newborn at that point and b) the meal cost more than what I get in unemployment benefits for a whole week (and Ant only ordered one Jack and Coke!)! Maybe we'll make it back for our second wedding anniversary.

We have our 29 week doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. I'm thinking this appointment will be another boring one (a good thing!). If I had a negative blood type this is around the time I'd be getting the RhoGAM shot, but I'm pretty sure I'm an O+ so I don't have to do that. We'll probably talk about when my NSTs will start though. And I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to talk about my birth plan with our doctor. I don't have a real concrete plan, but would like to discuss some things with her just to make sure we're on the same page.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, September 16, 2011

No Date Tonight

Guess what's still in the parking lot?

28 weeks 6 days

Yep, that damn truck... and my big pregnant belly! I'm glad I still have a few pre-pregnancy tops that I can still wear. This week I did get two more maternity tops and a maternity hoodie from Old Navy online. They're all huge on me still, but I imagine they'll be the only things that fit me in November!

Our Dateless Friday Night

Usually Ant and I go out for dinner on Friday nights, but this week we're doing things a little differently. We're staying in tonight and going out for a fancy schmacy dinner tomorrow. One of the things I've been wanting to do before the baby comes is eat at the The Capital Grille, and we have reservations for tomorrow night! Ant's never been, and I have only dinned CG style once, a few years ago.

When I worked at Robbins Bros. I was a member of the uber exclusive President's Club (ohhh gag me!). The president of the company flew out to take all the club members to dinner at The Capital Grille. It really was quite the experience, there were maybe 15 of us between all three stores. I can honestly say that was one of the best meals of my life. And ever since I've begged Ant to take me back!

I already have my meal planned out for tomorrow. I'll probably get a Caesar salad to start, a filet mignon with a side of au gratin potatoes and then finish off with the best.effing.cheesecake.I've.ever.eaten. Funny how that is exactly what I got last time... I really am the most unadventurous eater! I'm not sure what Ant will get, but I have a feeling he'll be trying the lobster mac n' cheese. I'm not a seafood lover, but was told by many of my former RB coworkers that it's to die for. In fact, Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers wrote an entire blog post dedicated to the mac n' cheese!

Can you guys tell I'm excited?!? However I am a little bummed I won't be able to enjoy a nice glass of white wine with dinner tomorrow :(. I suppose I could, but I won't. If Ant orders some I'll probably enjoy a sip or two of his.

Happy Friday, guys!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"When Are You Due?"

PSA: My fa-fa-fa-favorite eyeliner is on sale right now at Ulta for just $2 (online and in-store)! This was actually the first eyeliner I ever bought back in high school and I keep going back to it. And trust me, I know a heckuva lot about eyeliner. I've used basically every brand on the market from the cheap drugstore stuff to the expensive department store brands and always come back to my tried-and-true!

So it finally happened today, I got asked the million dollar question*. "When are you due?" asked a lady today at Target. I.Was.Floored. Pretty exciting, right? It was, until I saw who asked me the most exciting question of my life. It was her. I had a run-in with her back in December. If I recall correctly, I was in the Christmas department looking at these stocking holders when she asked me how long I'd been married (uhh... like 5 days at that point!). The conversation started out innocently enough when she asked what I did for a living. I proceeded to tell her when she asked the one dollar question**. She wanted to know if I was interested in taking her How to Start a Business Or Somecraplikethat seminar. Uhhh, no thanks. And mind you, this "business woman" had just gotten done telling me that she was a psychologist... what?

Obviously this woman's seminar isn't taking off like she'd hoped it would since she is still trying to find clients who are shopping and minding their own business at Target. I recognized her right away this afternoon (who, btw, is a very professional and normal looking person) and shut that convo down! I quickly muttered "December" and walked away. No way was she going to have the chance to try and sucker me in to anything again!

Sigh... what could have been one of the best pregnant days ever ended in a bust. But the moral of the story is still the same... I look pregnant to people! 

And here is this week's vlog!

* May be substituted with "How far along are you?" but never "Are you having twins?"
** I'm pretty sure soliciting is frowned upon at Target.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dodged a Bullet!

When I woke up this morning I saw this nightmare on the counter.

Now you guys know I love me some chocolate milk, but whole chocolate milk? I grew up on skim milk so the thought of ever drinking whole milk is just nauseating to me. Yes, I realize I'll have to suck it up and buy whole milk for little man when he's a toddler, but I have some time to psych myself up for that. I remember on a few occasions growing up when we were nearly out of skim and my mother poured me half a glass of skim and then mixed in some 2% (my brother and dad liked it). I could tell just by looking at it and flat out refused to drink it! Ant said he liked the whole chocolate milk and that it didn't taste too much different from it's lighter cousins. To each his own I suppose!

Also, I have been staring at this for the better part of two days and I'm sick of it!

That damn semi truck parked in our parking lot! Normally we have a nice view of some trees, but not anymore. Hopefully it'll move soon. And remember when I said we never had a problem with parking at our condo? As you can see, our cars are usually the only two parked on our side of the lot. At night there are maybe one or two more, but that's it!

Dodged a Bullet!

I got another phone call from my OB's office this morning. I let it go to voice mail and they said to give them a call back. Uh.Oh. I was dreading calling them back. I just knew that I had gestational diabetes. I mean, on Tuesday they told me they would only call me with my one hour test results if I failed, so I assumed they had the same protocol for the three hour test.

WRONG!! I passed! What a relief that was! So no gestational diabetes for me, thank goodness. Since trying to limit my sodium intake because of my hypertension, I admit I've probably been eating too much sugar lately so I was scared that I caused myself to have GD. Even though I did pass the three hour test was kind of a wake up call to eat better. I think I've been pretty good about eating fruits and veggies throughout my pregnancy, but there is always room for improvement and I need to do a better job of picking lower sugar snacks.

And just because this post isn't random enough, here's this week's belly shot!

27 weeks 6 days

I'm really looking pregnant these days! And yes, I posed in front of the semi truck on purpose :).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Want to Kick Murphy's Ass!

First, here is my 27 week pregnancy vlog.

Epic Fail

You know Murphy's law? It states "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." If ever there were a law to define my life, that would be it! In my vlog above I mentioned how yesterday I took my glucose tolerance test (GTT) at my doctor's appointment. This test, to screen for gestational diabetes (GD), is a standard test all pregnant ladies have to take between 26 and 28 weeks.

Happier Times at the OB's office

This morning I got the dreaded phone call... I failed the one hour GTT test. Failing this test doesn't necessarily mean I have GD, but I do have to go in tomorrow for a three hour GTT test. Ugh. I really have this feeling that I have the dreaded GD. According to the Wikipedia entry on GD, not everyone has symptoms but for those that do, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, increased thirst and blurred vision have been documented (among a few other symptoms I've not experienced). Considering I've talked about all of those in past vlogs (three of the four in this week's alone!), I doubt I'll be passing the three hour test either.

Like I said, Murphy's Law! So not only am I dealing with this hypertension crap, I will now possibly probably have to deal with GD, too. I suppose it could always be worse and I of course am very thankful that little man was measuring right on track at last week's ultrasound, but it still sucks.

I have to start fasting as of 8pm tonight, so I am going to be eating a very large dinner! Ant said he would take me out somewhere considering this could be my "last supper" for a while. Now I just gotta figure out what I want!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ultrasound Pictures

I finally scanned last week's ultrasound pictures in to my computer, so take a look! I was 26 weeks and 2 days when we got them done at the MFM office.

Here are the 3D images we got.

It looks like his left hand is covering his right eye in the bottom picture. Kinda creepy, but kinda cute too, right? And here are the three regular pictures we got.

The top two are profile shots and the bottom one is looking straight on at his face (not a big fan of that one!).

And just because I'm in a sharing mood, here is a baby buys video the hubs and I recorded over the weekend.

Our "to buy" list is getting smaller and smaller... yay!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh Hello, 3rd Trimester!

(No, I haven't cleaned the bathroom, yet.)

If you divide 40 weeks by three, you get 13.333. Times that by two and you get 26.666. I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow, so I can officially say that I'm in the 3rd trimester. THAT IS INSANE. OR CRAZY. OR OMG I'M FREAKING OUT NOW.

Here is this week's belly shot.

26 weeks 6 days

I ordered this maternity top from Target last week. I like it a lot! I recently purchased a maternity cardigan so I'll be able to wear my short sleeved tops throughout the fall. I also ordered this top in the purple/navy color and am thinking of getting it in the orange too because I like how it fits. I might need to find one or two more maternity tops but hopefully I can get through the next couple months with what I have.

We ended up just going to Chili's for dinner and were able to stop by Carters before hand. With the entire store being 50% off plus the extra 20% off coupon I had we were able to get $120 worth of stuff for just under $50... score! We got a couple outfits, some long-sleeved onesies, a "My First Christmas" onesie, socks and a winter hat. I'm sure I'll do another baby buys video soon so I'll share everything we got.

Have a great weekend!

Hypertension Sucks

Well, that's pretty obvious. But, the reason my hypertension sucks so much is because of the medicine I'm on, labetalol. I have never been so tired in my life! I've been napping every day this week for a few hours, so of course my sleep schedule is all wacked up again after finally getting it on track just a few weeks ago.

And my house is an absolute disaster. I feel so bad for letting it get this way, but I honestly can't help it. I have no energy to clean or organize at the moment. I told myself last night that I should try and clean the second bathroom today, which doesn't need much cleaning at all. All I need to do is clean the counter and toilet and it'd be fine, but of course I haven't done that. And I usually enjoy cleaning bathrooms! Maybe later tonight I'll muster up some energy.

Drinking caffeine does seem to help a bit with the loss of energy, but the effects are short-lived. Le sigh... if only it were socially acceptable for me to do this:

She lays like this all the time :). Tonight Ant and I are planing on going out to dinner somewhere and I fully plan on having a nice, large Coke to go with my meal so I can attempt to do my neglected housework when we get home. We're also need to go to Bath and Body Works to pick up some soap and I want to stop by the Carters store because everything in the store is 50% off this weekend, and I think the clearance stuff is like an extra 20% off as well.

I dare Katy Perry to have such an exciting Friday night!
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