Sunday, August 7, 2011

Power Hour Time

Remember in my last post how I said that Ant and I were going to play a game? We went old school with our game choice and decided to play one of Ant's power hours he made a few years back. If you're unfamiliar, power hours are a mash up of 60 song clips each a minute long. Every time a new song starts you're supposed to take a shot of beer. You can easily go through three beers in an hour playing the game. Seeing as how I can't drink alcohol these days and the fact that we don't have any beer at our house made altering the game a must.

Oh, and I must preface this photo by saying this was taken before we started the power hour.

He decided it would be fun to try and fit in a cardboard box. Ya, clearly that didn't work! Weirdo. Side note: I can not wait to get the nursery furniture set up! It's been in the same spot for months now but we literally don't have anywhere else to put it at the moment! Same goes for our travel system.

Anyways, back to the game. I decided to play the power hour by just taking sips of Coke. Ant is a big Jack Daniels fan and started off taking a shot of the stuff followed by shots of Coke, with a few more Jacks thrown in throughout the hour.

We did the last power hour Ant ever made (aww.... tear!) and included a lot of songs I'd never heard, but we still had a fun time.

Okay, time to stop procrastinating, time for my weekly Sunday afternoon date with cleaning our condo!

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