Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Free Massage and a Vlog

Monday afternoon I did something I've never done before, I got a massage! I know, I know, I was totally missing out! I did once get a scalp massage along with a facial which was wonderful, but never a full body massage. As I mentioned this past weekend, I signed up for a free 30-minute massage at a local chiropractor's office.

The office is literally a two minute drive from our condo, so it really couldn't be more convenient. I had a short consultation with the doctor I spoke with on Friday night who just asked me some basic questions like how far along I was and the type of pain I've been experiencing. Then it was on to the massage room!

The massage therapist was very professional and totally knew what she was doing! OHEMGEE. The massage was wonderful! She had me lay on my side and did a great job focusing on my lower back, legs and feet. Apparently she is the "foot specialist" at the clinic and explained to me how reflexology can cause premature labor so she couldn't do as through of a job as she would usually.

I decided to have the clinic run my insurance to see how much would be covered if I continued to get treatment. We're lucky enough to have great insurance through Ant's work so minus a $30 copay at each appointment, my treatment is covered 100%! And I can go up to 30 times before the end of the year. They recommended physical therapy, ultrasound therapy and massage.

My first "real" appointment is tomorrow! I think I'll start out going once a week and then drop down to every two weeks until about a month before my due date. Then I'll probably start going at least once a week again, if not twice. I'm sure they'll want to start me out at least twice a week, but since I don't work $30 a week is all I'm willing so spend at the moment since we've still got quite a few larger items to buy for baby. 

And here is my 23 week vlog!

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