Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy V-Day!

Since it's after midnight, happy V-Day to me! In this instance, V-Day means Viability Day. I am officially 24 weeks pregnant, which is a huge milestone. If something were to happen and I needed to deliver little man, doctors would now try to save him, as he now has a better chance of surviving outside the womb than not surviving! Of course I don't want him to come any sooner than November but it is comforting to know that he is a priority as far as the doctors are concerned.

Tonight Ant and I went to T.G.I. Fridays for dinner. I tried to see if I could get my favorite Patron Cosmo Rita sans alcohol, but no such luck. After dinner we had to run to Target for a few groceries and ended up leaving with a cute baby bib and our bouncer! I've got a nice little pile of new baby stuff from this week so I'll probably do another baby buys video soon.

Here is my bump picture for the week.

23 weeks 6 days

Gosh, it just looks like I have a huge beer belly, ugh. And can you believe I actually wore heels tonight? The ones I wore are really comfortable so I didn't have any issues thankfully.

After we got home from dinner and Target we went through little man's clothes and separated them by size to see what we really have. He definitely needs a few more winter items, but he's pretty well set for the first few months.

Alright, off to enjoy the rest of my evening!

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