Friday, August 5, 2011

Get Ready, Cuz Here He Comes!

Well, we still have four months until my due date, but he'll be here before you know it! Here's a video with all my recent baby buys.

Sorry the sound is off! You don't see my face so it isn't super annoying, but it is a little off putting. Here's the list I mention at the end of the video with all the major stuff we still need to get for little man (minus some more clothes and diapers).

Spelling isn't my strong suit when I don't have spell check

Since we haven't put our furniture together yet I'm not sure if the changing table came with a pad or not. The description of the set online says that it does, so we'll see. And I want the lingerie bags (or lingere as I so articulately put it) to wash all his little socks in so they don't get lost.

One thing I deliberately left off the list for now was a breast pump. I'm paranoid that I won't be able to breast feed and think putting off buying the breast pump until after he's here is a good idea. If all goes according to plan I don't even want to give him bottles for the first two to three weeks to prevent nipple confusion.

Next on my list is doing a serious overhaul of the craft room to make room for baby. I'm hoping my dad is still planning on having a garage sale this month because we need to get rid of the desk and bookshelf in there, plus a few other random things. If he doesn't I'll just put the stuff up on Craigslist.

If you can think of anything else I might have missed on my list, let me know!

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