Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby Buys and a RAK

Here are some more baby buys from this week.

I also talk about the RAK I received from Alycia, it was so sweet of her to send me something :). Thanks again, Alycia!!!!

Last night I started on the wall art I talk about in the video, I'm loving it so far and can't wait to share pictures when it's all done and hung up.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MFM Appointment

Good news: he is still a he!

That was probably my biggest/silliest fear going in to yesterday's MFM (maternal fetal medicine) appointment. Not how our baby is growing and thriving in the womb (which of course is much more important), but if he still had the goods. Thank goodness my fears were never realized because I really didn't want to have to dress a little girl in boy clothes for the first year.

Anyways, back to the appointment. I figured it would work similarly to the appointments I've been going to at my regular OB's office. You know... step on the scale, pee in a cup and take my blood pressure, the usual. Apparently they don't care about the vitals at the MFM office! They didn't even take my blood pressure, which is weird, because.... uh.... that's why I was referred to them in the first place! Oh, they didn't take my fundal height either, which is standard practice for this stage of pregnancy at most OB offices.

But, we did get a very extensive ultrasound! The tech spent a good 25 minutes measuring little man and explained everything as she was measuring.

More good news: he's measuring right on track!

Little man is in the 44th percentile for growth, which is perfect! We got some decent ultra sound pictures which I still need to scan in to my computer, so give me a few days to post those. The tech even turned on the 3D ultra sound, which was really awesome!

I go in to more detail on our MFM appointment in this week's vlog, plus some other random crap about being pregnant.

Friday, August 26, 2011

99 Days!

It's official, we're in the double digit countdown to our due date now! Here is my 25 week belly shot.

25 weeks 6 days

I don't see much of a change from last week.

Today I hung out at the garage sale my dad's fam was having. I am pleased to announce I was able to sell all but two things I brought over! And I ended up making $74... not too bad for a lazy Friday! The main items I wanted to make sure to get rid of were my desk and bookshelf that were in the craft room. I ended up selling them to a lady for $16. We now have room in there to start setting up our nursery furniture, yay!

After I got home from the sale Ant and I grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to Buy Buy Baby. Don't worry, we knew what we wanted so we didn't spend too much time wandering around the store. My dad gave me a 20% off your total purchase Bed Bath and Beyond coupon (valid at Buy Buy Baby, too!) and wanted to knock another big purchase off our list.... the Pack n' Play! We just went with the cheapest version they sell, but it still has a bassinet feature so baby can sleep in our room. After the discount, the PnP cost us $55.

We also stopped by the clothing department and got three cute outfits on clearance (duh!). Our total ended up being $73, imagine that! I told you guys I was good at setting spending limits in stores :).

And here's a baby buys video I made last night with some of our most recent purchases for baby.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

25 Week Vlog

I had total pregnancy brain earlier and forgot to post my vlog here! Whoops :).

I made an appointment with MFM (maternal fetal medicine, aka my high risk OB) for this upcoming Monday at 10am. According to my regular OB we should be getting an ultrasound while we're there!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Turkey Meatloaf

Saturday night I tried my hand at my first meatloaf. It actually turned out really well! I've always liked meatloaf, although I don't think I had ever tried it until I was in college. I must say, I've turned out to be a much better cook than I ever thought I was. Before we moved in together the only thing I knew how to make was pasta, which of course I still make a lot, but it's certainly not the only recipe in my repertoire anymore.

-1 tsp. olive oil
-1 heaping cup mushrooms
-3/4 cup chopped onion
-1/2 cup chopped green pepper
-3 cloves garlic
-1 cup bread crumbs
-1/4 cup ketchup
-1 egg
-pinch of salt
-pinch of black pepper
-1 1/4 lbs. uncooked ground turkey
-1/2 cup ketchup
-2 tbs. apricot preserves


In a skillet, heat oil over medium heat and add mushrooms, onions, peppers and garlic. Cook until tender.

In a large bowl add cooked veggies, bread crumbs, 1/4 cup ketchup, egg, salt, black pepper and ground turkey. Mix well. In a tin foil-lined 13x9x2'' baking pan shape mixture in to a 9x5'' loaf. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

While loaf is cooking, combine 1/2 cup ketchup and apricot preserves in a small bowl. Spoon over meatloaf and bake for an extra 15-20 minutes. Temperature on a meat thermometer should register 165 degrees.

The only thing I didn't like was how crumbly it was after baking, but it still tasted good! And if I make it again I probably won't add quite as many green peppers. I can handle a few, but there were just too many for my liking. Maybe I will do 1/4 cup of green peppers and a 1/4 cup of shredded carrots... yum!

On an unrelated note, I'll post my 25 week pregnancy vlog by tomorrow morning. I had a doctor's appointment this morning which went relatively uneventful, a nice change from last week!

I got the turkey meatloaf recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I changed it slightly, but they still deserve credit for coming up with it!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Glad This Week Is Over!

Adding insult to injury, I ended up falling this afternoon. What a horrible end to a not so good week! I was on my way to the post office and lost my footing on the sidewalk outside our condo. Fortunately I managed to land on my hands and knees as opposed to my stomach. After I got up I ran back inside and just started crying. I know it typically takes a much harder fall to do any damage to a growing baby, but I couldn't help but think of the worst.

When I got inside I immediately went to lay down on my left side to see if I could feel him move. After about ten minutes I still hadn't felt him so Ant got me some Sprite to see if the sugar would do anything. A couple minutes later I felt little man rolling around in there, so off I went to the post office. On the way I needed gas so I also got a Twix bar at the AM/PM to ensure maximum movement :).

I think the Twix really did it because after I got home he was going non stop for about a half hour, what a relief! And now here is my 24 week picture.

24 weeks 6 days

And here I was back in June wearing the same outfit.

15 weeks 6 days

I'd say there's a pretty big difference! For dinner tonight Ant and I went to Japan 77, a local hibachi restaurant. Back in my hometown of Wheaton there is a restaurant called Domo 77, which is owned by the same person. I have been to Domo 77 more times than I can count. We went there for so many birthdays and special occasions growing up, it is one of my favorites!

Japan 77 is pretty close to our place, but I had never been there before. The menu was exactly the same as Domo 77, so I was right at home! After we sat down I ordered my go-to hibachi drink, a Shirley Temple!

For my entree I went with your basic steak and Ant ordered a lobster tail and calamari, his plate was huge!

All in all we had a nice dinner. If you live around Chicago keep an eye out on Groupon for a Japan 77 or Domo 77 deal, definitely worth it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I'm home! After 48 hours in the hospital, I was discharged at 9:45am yesterday. OMG, it felt so good to go home! But let me recap what all happened before I left.

My urinalysis came back late Tuesday afternoon. The results indicated some protein in my urine, but not enough to diagnosis pre-E. My lab work also came back normal, so my official diagnosis is chronic hypertension. That evening I was started on labetalol, a blood pressure medication. It worked almost immediately!

Yesterday morning I met with another doctor in my practice who talked to me about the dosage of labetalol I'll need to continue to take throughout the rest of my pregnancy. He also said I would be monitored more closely and will probably get one or two more ultrasounds because blood pressure problems can have an effect on the baby's growth.

I also recapped my stay in this week's late pregnancy update.

So, the rest of my pregnancy is going to be loooong and boring! Not like I was doing much previous to being put on bed rest, but the fact that I can't  do anything now is tough. At least before I could go spend an hour at Buy Buy Baby or Target to kill some time. Looks like most of my baby buys from now on will be coming from Amazon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Labor and Delivery Visit

(Note: I started writing this post Monday night and couldn't finished it up until Tuesday morning per the request of my nurses!)

I started out writing a very detailed post about what happened today, but that was exhausting, so I'm just going to do a shorter recap.

It all started this morning at our 24 week doctor's appointment. We were thinking it was going to be an in-and-out visit just to check my blood pressure, weight, urine and heartbeat. How wrong we were! My blood pressure was really high and scary words like labor, delivery and pre-eclampsia were spoken. They took my blood pressure for a second time to see if it had gone down any. It hadn't, so down we went to the labor and delivery unit of our hospital (our doctor's office is just a few floors above L&D).

I kid you not, Ant and I discussed last night when we should take our hospital tour. Obviously we didn't think we'd be getting an impromptu tour less than 24 hours later. I basically lost it on the walk down. we saw a baby in the NICU which made the reality of the situation really hit home. I managed to pull it together and was put in a delivery room where I had to be hooked up to the fetal monitors. Since little man is still so small they were having a heck of a time monitoring him! It was pretty comical actually since he kept moving away from the Doppler hooked up to my belly.

All hooked up!

I was then hooked up to a blood pressure monitor that took my blood pressure automatically every 15 minutes. I also got my blood drawn and started a 24-hour urinalysis. Then after what was literally hours I met with a high risk OB. He basically said everything that my regular OB told me earlier.

They can't really determine if I have pre-E yet or not. But, they were pretty confident I at least don't have a severe case of it. Pre-E is a scary condition that affects pregnant women, and the only real cure is delivery. As you guys know, my pregnancy is viable at this point, but I of course don't want my son to make his appearance any time soon! So the fact that I at least don't have a severe case (yet) is a good thing. However, based on what they know and have seen throughout my pregnancy, it's more likely that I have had chronic hypertension for a while and didn't know it.

In my situation, chronic hypertension is what we're hoping the urinalysis shows tomorrow. It is treatable with blood pressure medication and would allow me to continue my pregnancy longer than with pre-E. My regular OB came and visited me after I ate dinner tonight and said that I am now considered "high risk" and that she most likely won't let me go to my due date and will induce me around 38 or 39 weeks if I don't go in to labor on my own by then.

My yummy hospital dinner! Fortunately it wasn't too bad!

After dinner they moved me to a postpartum room, where I now have a more comfortable bed and don't have to be hooked up to the fetal monitors anymore. Ant and my dad's family came and visited me for a bit at the hospital. It was nice to see some familiar faces after being alone most of the day.

Ant and I playing UNO!

So, here I am sitting alone in my hospital room at 11pm. I am continuing to have my blood pressure monitored every hour or two.

Okay, it's now nearly 7am. I was confined to laying on my left side for the remainder of last night to try and control my blood pressure, so I was unable to finish this post. 

 As of this morning my blood pressure is still all over the place. I think the last time they took it the reading was 166/80, something like that. They'd like to see it at 140/90 or lower. I was also hooked back up to the fetal monitors this morning and we were able to get some pretty decent readings on little man which was good. He's been very active today!

Oh, and I didn't even mention that I'm on modified bed rest for the time being. Since I don't work I won't have to change my routine too much but long shopping trips or any type of extended activity (including the Wii!) are off limits right now. It sucks, but whatever I need to do to keep my baby healthy and gestating for as long as possible!

Alright, time to order breakfast! Hopefully I'll be discharged today but I won't know anything until at least noon.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Travel System

Last night we put together our travel system. I was just so sick of looking at that box for nearly two months. As mentioned, I went with the Graco Alano FlipIt system in the Circa pattern.

Graco Alano FlipIt stroller and infant car seat

I know the handle looks a little weird, but it can actually move to any position you want, so right now it's up high so it doesn't take up quite as much space. There is also a detachable cup holder that I've just got stored in the basket underneath for now.

Obviously we haven't used it yet, but I like it so far! I think the Circa pattern is just beautiful and the styling of the stroller is very sleek and modern (I find many travel system strollers to be really bulky). I wheeled it around our condo a bit and it seems to move very smoothly, and the breaks work well which is important. Oh, and just to be clear the system does come with a car seat base, I just didn't photograph it.

The car seat didn't require any assembly, and it took us about a half hour to get the stroller put together. We did need to use a hammer for attaching the wheels, so keep that in mind if you go with this system. The directions could have been a bit clearer as well, but we figured it out. And this afternoon I put the car seat and base in my car to make sure it fit. Thankfully it does! I wasn't too worried since I have an SUV, but you never know.

And hopefully my dad is having a garage sale in the next couple weeks so I can get rid of the desk and bookshelf in my craft room and begin setting up the nursery!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy V-Day!

Since it's after midnight, happy V-Day to me! In this instance, V-Day means Viability Day. I am officially 24 weeks pregnant, which is a huge milestone. If something were to happen and I needed to deliver little man, doctors would now try to save him, as he now has a better chance of surviving outside the womb than not surviving! Of course I don't want him to come any sooner than November but it is comforting to know that he is a priority as far as the doctors are concerned.

Tonight Ant and I went to T.G.I. Fridays for dinner. I tried to see if I could get my favorite Patron Cosmo Rita sans alcohol, but no such luck. After dinner we had to run to Target for a few groceries and ended up leaving with a cute baby bib and our bouncer! I've got a nice little pile of new baby stuff from this week so I'll probably do another baby buys video soon.

Here is my bump picture for the week.

23 weeks 6 days

Gosh, it just looks like I have a huge beer belly, ugh. And can you believe I actually wore heels tonight? The ones I wore are really comfortable so I didn't have any issues thankfully.

After we got home from dinner and Target we went through little man's clothes and separated them by size to see what we really have. He definitely needs a few more winter items, but he's pretty well set for the first few months.

Alright, off to enjoy the rest of my evening!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nursery Baby Buys

Here is a video I made showing off all the stuff my grandparents bought little man for his bedroom!

I love what we picked out so much! I am definitely not a cartoon character or animal lover as far as nursery themes go, so this was just perfect! And I absolutely love the light blue, lime green and chocolate brown color combination. Here's a picture of the set.

My Free Massage and a Vlog

Monday afternoon I did something I've never done before, I got a massage! I know, I know, I was totally missing out! I did once get a scalp massage along with a facial which was wonderful, but never a full body massage. As I mentioned this past weekend, I signed up for a free 30-minute massage at a local chiropractor's office.

The office is literally a two minute drive from our condo, so it really couldn't be more convenient. I had a short consultation with the doctor I spoke with on Friday night who just asked me some basic questions like how far along I was and the type of pain I've been experiencing. Then it was on to the massage room!

The massage therapist was very professional and totally knew what she was doing! OHEMGEE. The massage was wonderful! She had me lay on my side and did a great job focusing on my lower back, legs and feet. Apparently she is the "foot specialist" at the clinic and explained to me how reflexology can cause premature labor so she couldn't do as through of a job as she would usually.

I decided to have the clinic run my insurance to see how much would be covered if I continued to get treatment. We're lucky enough to have great insurance through Ant's work so minus a $30 copay at each appointment, my treatment is covered 100%! And I can go up to 30 times before the end of the year. They recommended physical therapy, ultrasound therapy and massage.

My first "real" appointment is tomorrow! I think I'll start out going once a week and then drop down to every two weeks until about a month before my due date. Then I'll probably start going at least once a week again, if not twice. I'm sure they'll want to start me out at least twice a week, but since I don't work $30 a week is all I'm willing so spend at the moment since we've still got quite a few larger items to buy for baby. 

And here is my 23 week vlog!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Power Hour Time

Remember in my last post how I said that Ant and I were going to play a game? We went old school with our game choice and decided to play one of Ant's power hours he made a few years back. If you're unfamiliar, power hours are a mash up of 60 song clips each a minute long. Every time a new song starts you're supposed to take a shot of beer. You can easily go through three beers in an hour playing the game. Seeing as how I can't drink alcohol these days and the fact that we don't have any beer at our house made altering the game a must.

Oh, and I must preface this photo by saying this was taken before we started the power hour.

He decided it would be fun to try and fit in a cardboard box. Ya, clearly that didn't work! Weirdo. Side note: I can not wait to get the nursery furniture set up! It's been in the same spot for months now but we literally don't have anywhere else to put it at the moment! Same goes for our travel system.

Anyways, back to the game. I decided to play the power hour by just taking sips of Coke. Ant is a big Jack Daniels fan and started off taking a shot of the stuff followed by shots of Coke, with a few more Jacks thrown in throughout the hour.

We did the last power hour Ant ever made (aww.... tear!) and included a lot of songs I'd never heard, but we still had a fun time.

Okay, time to stop procrastinating, time for my weekly Sunday afternoon date with cleaning our condo!

Ulta Haul

Today I met my grandparents for lunch. They live in Florida and stopped in Chicago for a quick visit on their way home from Oregon. It had been a few years since I'd seen them so it was nice to visit! After lunch we went to Buy Buy Baby where they were kind enough get us a bunch of stuff for our nursery. I'll share everything they got us in an upcoming video. But I will say, our little man will be sleeping in style!

After dropping them back off at their hotel I stopped by Ulta to pick up a few things before heading home.

From left:
1. Nail polish remover
2. Nicole by OPI Silver Texture polish (basically Shatter)
3. Frizz Straight Styling Cream
4. CND Air Dry top coat (CND is "3 Free," so safe to use during pregnancy!)
5. OPI Black Shatter polish
6. Revlon eye lash curler

I used the Frizz line a couple years ago when it was exclusive to Sephora. I saw it at Ulta today and decided to try it again, I remember really liking it. However, it's rather pricey, that little bottle of styling cream cost me $26!

Alright, Ant and I are off to play a game we enjoyed many-a-time in college, well, a modified version since I can no longer hit da sauce these days :).

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Taste of Roselle

As I mentioned in my last post, Ant and I went to the Taste of Roselle for dinner last night. I wasn't expecting much, especially after the dinky carnival that was the Rose Festival. However, it was pretty fun! There were a ton of people at the event, which made me a little uneasy, but since the festival was spread out over three or four blocks there was plenty of room for everyone.

We were surprised at how many different food vendors there were to choose from! After taking a look around Ant decided on a chicken gyro and I opted for a huge slice of cheese pizza (I told you guys I'm boring when it comes to food!).

After we ate we walked around a bit more. A bunch of local businesses had booths set up across the way from the food vendors. One of the businesses was a chiropractor's office that was offering free 15 minute mini massages! Ummm, SIGN.ME.UP. They had these little chairs set up so they were just doing simple back massages, and I wanted one so bad. I asked if they would massage a pregnant lady and I ended up talking to the chiropractor who wasn't comfortable massaging me at the festival. But he said that I could go to their office for a complimentary 30 minute prenatal massage! You better believe I jumped on that deal and set up an appointment for Monday afternoon.

After I signed up for my massage we walked over to the craft show. We didn't quite understand how this booth fit in with all the other handmade jewelry, custom t-shirt and henna tattoo booths.

It was a pretty hoppin' booth so they must be doing something right! After the craft show we made a beeline for the bingo tent where we each got three bingo cards.

Twice I came so close to winning!

No such luck though. After three rounds we decided we'd had enough and wanted some dessert.

Dippin' Dots to the rescue! Gosh, I can't remember the last time I had those little spherical balls of ice cream. I ordered a mint chocolate chip and Ant got a banana split. All in all it was a fun night!

In case you were wondering, we took all the photos with the new camera I got Ant for his birthday. We used one of the built-in filters to get a fun vintage look on all the photos.

Friday, August 5, 2011

22 Week Bump

Here's what the baby bump looks like this week!

22 weeks 6 days

I like the way this dress fits me this week! I bought it at Target a few years ago, so definitely not maternity. For dinner tonight Ant and I headed out to the Taste of Roselle festival. Surprisingly, we had a lot of fun, the Taste was 100 times better than the Rose Festival we went to at the beginning of the summer.

I'll recap our evening in my next post!

Get Ready, Cuz Here He Comes!

Well, we still have four months until my due date, but he'll be here before you know it! Here's a video with all my recent baby buys.

Sorry the sound is off! You don't see my face so it isn't super annoying, but it is a little off putting. Here's the list I mention at the end of the video with all the major stuff we still need to get for little man (minus some more clothes and diapers).

Spelling isn't my strong suit when I don't have spell check

Since we haven't put our furniture together yet I'm not sure if the changing table came with a pad or not. The description of the set online says that it does, so we'll see. And I want the lingerie bags (or lingere as I so articulately put it) to wash all his little socks in so they don't get lost.

One thing I deliberately left off the list for now was a breast pump. I'm paranoid that I won't be able to breast feed and think putting off buying the breast pump until after he's here is a good idea. If all goes according to plan I don't even want to give him bottles for the first two to three weeks to prevent nipple confusion.

Next on my list is doing a serious overhaul of the craft room to make room for baby. I'm hoping my dad is still planning on having a garage sale this month because we need to get rid of the desk and bookshelf in there, plus a few other random things. If he doesn't I'll just put the stuff up on Craigslist.

If you can think of anything else I might have missed on my list, let me know!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dinner and a Movie

Hello everyone! Lucky you, you get a little date night right in this blog post! First up, we have a delish homemade meal. Well, the Sandra Lee type of homemade, anyways.

Our main course this evening was crunchy onion chicken. Here's the super easy recipe!

-2 chicken breasts (we always use the Tyson All-Natural chicken breasts)
-1 cup French's French Fried Onions (the same ones you use for green bean casseroles)
-1 tablespoon flour
-Garlic powder (add as much or as little as you like for flavor)
-1 egg

To Prepare
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine French Fried Onions, flour and garlic powder in a bowl. Cover with a paper towel and crush with your hand. In a separate bowl crack an egg and dip chicken in the bowl, covering the entire breast. Then coat breasts with French Fried Onion mixture. Place in a pan and bake for 19-21 minutes. Enjoy!

While the chicken was very easy to prepare, the side dish was even easier!

I just microwaved a Green Giant Steamers for six minutes. We tried the Potatoes and Green Beans in Rosemary Butter Sauce. Meh. It was okay. I don't think I'd get it again, but it wasn't terrible.

And now for the entertainment portion of this blog post!

My 22 week pregnancy vlog, I get a little more candid than usual so be prepared (it's really not that bad). Plus, I say "funk" about eight times, so you could even turn this video in to a mini drinking game!
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