Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Try Some Thai

It's no secret I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to trying new foods. I don't like "weird" foods and prefer blander tastes. I like really good food, but at a fancy restaurant I usually order the simplest thing on the menu. While Ant isn't the most adventurous foodie I know, he's always willing to try new things.

Tonight Ant had a taste for Thai food. I'm sure it's no surprise that I've never tried Thai food. I was a little reluctant, but after looking over The Happy Elephant's menu, I decided to try the Garlic Lover with chicken. It was basically just chicken, broccoli and carrots in soy sauce (or something similar), but unfortunately I didn't taste much garlic. My meal also came with some white rice, so I ate it like stir fry (which you guys know I love!).

My chicken Garlic Lover with rice

Ant got an order of Pad Thai and chicken pot stickers. He liked the Pad Thai and loved the pot stickers.

Ant's chicken pot stickers and Pad Thai
While I don't think I would have ever ordered Thai food on my own, it was pretty good! And definitely not "weird." If I'm ever in the mood for stir fry I would definitely order from them again, a much better alternative to the Stouffer's meal we tried last week.

What foods were you hesitant to try and ended up loving?


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  2. I would have to say a couple of egg-related dishes are my reluctant surprises. I was always very skeptical of egg salad and deviled eggs, but the Mrs. makes them both deliciously.


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