Sunday, July 31, 2011

To Move Or Not To Move

Happy Sunday!

On Friday I went to the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores along with a couple different dollar stores to see what kind of baby stuff I could find.

I was on a mission to find a gently used Boppy pillow. No such luck on the pillow, but I was able to find some good stuff for freaking cheap!

As I mentioned in the video, the Salvation Army was a gold mine, so I'll probably head back there periodically before little man arrives. And didn't you love Ant's first cameo appearance in a video? And to continue preparing for baby, I just ordered this bad boy:

The Diaper Genie II Elite! I bought it from Amazon so I could extend my Amazon Prime membership (free 2-day shipping!). Since we're not cloth diapering a good diaper disposal system is a must for us. The Baby Bargains book rated the Diaper Genie II Elite as the best diaper pail on the market, so it was a no brainer on which one to go with.

To Move Or Not To Move

And last night Ant and I pretty much decided we won't be moving once our lease is up in October. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! I was not looking forward to moving while nearly nine months pregnant. While our place isn't the greatest, for what we're paying in rent we have a nice spacious two bedroom/two bathroom condo with lots of storage and parking is never a problem. Plus, we're only a short drive from a 24-hour pharmacy, an important thing to consider as a soon-to-be mom. Sure, our neighbors can be loud at times, but in general that's my only complaint about the place (and they're really only loud a couple times a month when they have parties). Oh, and I do wish we had our own washer and dryer. But, the laundry room is right next door to our unit, so it's not that big of an inconvenience (if we had in-unit laundry I'd probably consider cloth diapering).

The main reason Ant wants to move is to be closer to work. Right now it takes him about 45 minutes on the Metra to get to work. He wants to move to Chicago so that his commute would be cut in half. Now, if we weren't having a baby, I would be all for moving to the city. I'm just a little nervous doing it with a newborn. I don't like driving in the city and am scared that something would happen while Ant was gone and I'd have to drive baby to the emergency room by myself.

And like I said, a large space is important to me. Even if we found a place for $200 more than what we're paying now (which is what we would be willing to spend), I doubt in the city we'd be able to get the square footage we have now. Soooo, as of now we won't be moving. Ant said he is still going to look for other places online, and if we find something ahhh-mazing then we'll probably jump on it, but most likely we're staying put in Roselle.

Our spacious living room

So, now I kind of want to see if our landlord will let us paint the place. All the walls in our condo are a gross hospital white color. I'd like to paint at least at least a room or two a nice warm tan color, so still keeping it neutral.

Alright, well, seeing as how I basically just wrote a novel, I think it's time to say TTFN!

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  1. Just a side note, I think that Goodwill and Salvation Army donate a lot of baby clothes to low income mothers (explaining why their baby section usually sucks). Not to mention, many moms I know give their baby clothes away to close friends before they would donate them. :)


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