Friday, July 8, 2011

Target Baby Buys

Along with making my own YouTube pregnancy vlogs, I watch a ton of other ladies doing them as well. This week one of the ladies showed off some great purchases she got at Target. So today I went and checked out Target to see what kind of deals I could find. The Target I went to was kind of picked over, but I still managed to pick up a few good things, take a look!

Clockwise, from left:
1. Infant/Toddler Hangers- $1.02 (not on clearance)
2. Chicago White Sox 0-3 months sleeper- $6.48
3. Halo Sleep Sack 0-6 months- $13.83
4. Circo Pants 3-6 months (2 pairs)- $4.88
5. Circo Long Sleeved Onesies 3-6 months (3 pack)- $5.58
6. Circo Sleep n' Plays 3-6 months (2 pack)- $5.58
7. The First Years Breastflow Bottles- $10.11

For all that, I paid $47.48 (before tax)! Before the trip I set a limit for myself of $50, I'd say I did pretty darn good! If I bought everything at full price I would have paid $71.14 (before tax).

Everything I bought is pretty gender neutral I think, even the White Sox sleeper. Plus, baby girl will only be sleeping in it, so it's not that big of a deal.

Ohhh Antie Poo... I bought the White Sox sleeper as a surprise for you, but wanted to show it off. So, if by chance you see this post before seeing it nicely displayed on the counter for you, just know that there will be another non-baby related surprise for you as well. Why the surprises? Ohhh, no reason, other than I'M A BAD ASS WIFE. You're welcome!!

A note to other moms wanting to find the Breastflow bottles on clearance at Target: I bought a "repackaged" box. So, I don't think they're really on clearance, sorry! The box had been ripped, but I made sure all the parts were there and nothing looked broken or used before buying them.

Tomorrow Ant and I plan on going out to dinner for our usual Friday night date night, and might stop in to Target again to see what else we can find. If we do, I'll let you guys know what we get!

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