Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pantry Organization

Tonight I was on a cleaning rampage! I started out doing a deep clean of our second bathroom (you can see what it looks like here). After I was done with the bathroom I moved on to our little hallway pantry. That thing was a hot mess. No.freaking.joke.


Pretty much we just threw all our cleaning supplies, grocery bags, Tupperware, napkins and random crap inside and let the pantry just kind of organize itself. As you can see, that wasn't really working. It took me about an hour to get everything reorganized (I took a couple M&Ms breaks in between cleaning), and here's how it turned out!

After #1

After #2

Not too shabby, right? The grocery bag holder was always in there, but it was on the floor. I hope my neighbors didn't get too mad that I was hammering nails in to the wall at 10:30pm! Next I think I'll label everything in the pantry to keep it organized.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, that random Vitamin Water bottle on the bottom is what we use to put our old batteries in.

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