Sunday, July 17, 2011

Old Wives Tales

In honor of our anatomy scan tomorrow (SQUEEEEE!) Ant and I thought it would be fun to do a blog post on some of the gender predicting Old Wives Tales. We didn't do all of them of course, but here is a selective list and our results.

1. Chinese Gender Chart
     The ancient Chinese came up with a chart that has been estimated to be 90% accurate in predicting the sex of your unborn child. For the most accurate results, you are supposed to use your lunar age (mine is 28 even though I'm only 26) along with the month of conception (March). Check out the chart here.
Results: BOY
(my results are actually the same with my actual age and lunar age)

2. Heartbeat
     The OWT says that if your baby's heartbeat is over 140 beats per minute it  is a girl, and if it's under 140 bpm it's a boy. Since we decided against purchasing a home Doppler, we only have our doctor appointments to go off of, but both times we've checked the heartbeat has been 160+.
Results: GIRL

3. Shape of Belly
     This OWT claims that if you're carrying the baby high with a big belly you're having a girl, and if you're carrying lower with a smaller belly you've got a boy in there. I feel for being half way done my belly is relatively small. I have put on inches all over my midsection, but I still feel like I'm in that "too many donuts" phase. 
Results: BOY 

4. Acne
     If you've noticed more acne on your face and body while pregnant, you're having a girl, and if you've noticed less, you're having a boy. I've definitely noticed a significant decrease in acne since around 8 weeks (initially I did notice more). My dermatologist even commented on how clear my skin looked at my appointment back in June!
Results: BOY 

5. Clumsiness 
     If you've noticed that you've become more graceful with pregnancy, you're going to have a girl, and if you've suddenly become more clumsy, it's a boy. I had to consult with Ant on this one. His response was "Well, I've definitely heard you say 'oww' more these days." Haha, I guess I have been a little less coordinated as of late, I keep running in to doors and walls :). 
Results: BOY 

6. Morning Sickness
     A pregnancy with no morning sickness signifies you're carrying a boy, and one laden with morning sickness indicates a girl. Now, I definitely did suffer from morning sickness. Once or twice a day for three or four weeks. Is it weird that I don't think I suffered too terribly? But, I did have morning sickness. 
Results: GIRL 

7. Meat and Cheese Cravings
     If the mother-to-be craves meat and cheese during her pregnancy, count on a little boy. One of the first major cravings I had was for red meat. Even though I had given it up for a year, I gave in to my cravings and have indulged in beef on a few occasions since becoming pregnant (I fully intend to eliminate red meat from my diet again once I give birth). And during the height of my morning sickness one of the only foods that sounded good to me was Kraft Dinner, I went through boxes and boxes and boxes of the stuff! 
Results: BOY

8. Color of Urine
     Moms-to-be  with dull yellow urine will be Team Pink and bright yellow will be Team Blue. This might be TMI, but my urine really has been super bright yellow! Like, unnaturally neon-colored! I've heard it could also be from your prenatal vitamins, but even on the days I forget to take them I have neon pee. 
Results: BOY   

9. Ring Test

     Put a string through your wedding ring and hold it over your baby bump. If the ring swings side to side you're carrying a girl, and if it goes around in a circle, you're carrying a boy. We tried this OWT twice just to make sure, and both times it was clearly moving around in a circle.
Results: BOY

Final results: BOY: 7/GIRL: 2

So, all signs point to Team Blue! However, my mother's instinct still says Team Pink, so we'll just have to wait until tomorrow to know for sure. I don't know when I'll post the results here on my blog because we do want to tell our families first (I'm not sure how many family members read this, but just in case!).

If you're interested in trying any of the OWTs for yourself, His Boys Can Swim (nice name, huh?) has a pretty comprehensive list.

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