Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Bathing Beauty

This evening I met a friend down in Wheaton for dinner at Panera. It was nice to catch up, I hadn't seen her since I was about 9 or 10 weeks pregnant. We were at the restaurant for over three hours!

My Bathing Beauty

After I got home from dinner I decided little Pearl needed a bath. I try to give her a bath about once a month. Even though that equals about 48 baths since we've been together, to say she hates bath time is quite the understatement.

I have always bathed Pearl in the kitchen sink. At our old house it was pretty easy to do because our sink was nice and deep and the faucet actually doubled as a pull out sprayer. Since moving to our condo, bath time for Pearl has proven a little more difficult. It took me a while to even figure out how to bathe her because our sink doesn't have a pull out sprayer. Per usual, I turned to Google to solve my bathing dilemma, where I ended up finding this handy product.

The Rinse Ace Three-Way Pet Faucet! I was able to pick it up at my local pet store. I was a little hesitant to purchase it based on some of the reviews I read online, but it has worked great for us! The Rinse Ace attaches securely to our faucet and basically acts like a sprayer. The water pressure isn't quite the same, but it's not terrible and gets the job done.

As far as shampoo goes, I just use Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo! It was recommended by the breeder I got Pearl (and my other cat, Dawny) from. I use the lavender scented one, which makes Pearl smell great!

Tonight Pearl was a little more anxious than usual to hop in the bath. She usually tries to jump out of the sink but I'm always able to control her. Tonight, however, was a different story! After initially getting her wet she managed to weasel her way out of my grip and made a beeline for our bedroom, where she always hides out after a bath. Fortunately I was able to catch her quickly and the rest of the bath was uneventful.

Pearl after a bath

Alright, off to paint my nails (I'm thinking OPI's My Private Jet this time) and to watch the latest episode of Teen Mom!

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