Friday, July 8, 2011

More Baby Buys

Here's my 18 week picture.

18 weeks 6 days

Something is definitely going on around my midsection these days! We ended up going to the Olive Garden for dinner, yum! When we sat down our waitress gave us a small sample of a white zinfandel, and I happily enjoyed my two sips of wine :). After dinner we went Target to see if we couldn't find any other good baby buys. We decided to go to a different Target tonight, which also seemed pretty picked over. However, we did find a few things.

Cameo appearance by Pearl

Clockwise, from left:
1. Circo Cardigan Set 3 months- $5.98
2. Circo Hat and Socks Set (2 of each)- $3.48
3. Circo Bibs Set (4 pack)- $4.88
4. Carters Pants Set 9 months(2 pairs)- $5.58

For everything we paid $19.92 (before tax). Full price we would have paid $29.96. The cardigan set was actually $6.98, but it was missing the onesie that originally came with it, so we got an extra $1 off. Here's a look at what else came with the set.

We'll just put a blue or pink onesie with the set to complete the outfit. I think we're pretty set on gender neutral stuff for now, as we will hopefully be finding out the sex in a little more than a week! I asked Ant tonight if he for sure wants to find out at our anatomy scan on the 18th. He said  that yes, he does want to find out. I do too, as I'm a planner and it will make things easier to prepare for our little arrival. But, we both agreed that if we are blessed with another child one day that we would like to keep the sex a secret until the delivery room.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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