Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holy Movement Batman!

This afternoon I was getting a littler nervous because I hadn't felt the baby move all day. Now, usually I feel the baby the most during the evening hours, but the past few afternoons I've felt at least a couple little kicks. Well, little one more than made up for the lack of movement this evening! She/he was like a little ninja in there, karate chopping everything in sight. I am thoroughly enjoying this stage of pregnancy for this reason, the kicks are noticeable but not too hard as to where they hurt yet!

If you watched my 18 week pregnancy vlog, you might recall how I said that I'm not getting out of the house enough. This afternoon I managed to get out for ohhh, maybe 10 minutes! Hey, it's better than nothing! I still hadn't done anything with the bags of clothes I gathered to giveaway about a month ago, so this afternoon I dropped them off in one of those clothing drop bins. I had wanted to give them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, but those drop bins are just too convenient to pass up! I honestly don't even remember what the charity was, I just hope it's legit and does something good with my clothes. 

While putting the bags in my car, I found my old pair of Teva flip flops! A few weeks ago I purchased a new pair of Reef flip flops because I thought I had ruined my Tevas. Apparently not, they were sitting pretty in one of the compartments in my "trunk" (what do you call the back of an SUV?). So, now I have 2 pairs of flippy flops to chose from this summer. 

Dinner tonight is going to be a quick and easy one!
I bought this Stouffer's Easy Express meal a couple weeks back and plan on trying it out tonight. According to the bag it'll take about 12 minutes to cook in a skillet, not too shabby! I've not tried too many Stouffer's products, so I'm not expecting a gourmet meal or anything, but hopefully it'll taste good enough. 
Okay, home skillet time! 

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