Monday, July 11, 2011

Gouge My Eyes Out

This post really has no purpose, I just need to distract myself. I'm currently sitting in the living room with my husband being forced to watch the stupid Home Run Derby. OOOOMMMMGGGGGG. I don't understand the appeal of this thing. But oh, my husband sure does! He brings up the one time when he went to the Derby (like eight years ago) at least once a month. Every year we just have to watch this and the NBA draft. BO.RING.

Now, I enjoy going to baseball games. I've gone to one a year with Ant every year since we started dating. Well, except this year. He actually went to a game this past week with some of his former coworkers. I was invited, but declined against it this year (blaming everything on pregnancy is fun!). However, I hatehatehate watching baseball on TV.

I would go occupy myself in my craft room, but I'm waiting for a Stampin' Up! order to come in this week before I do anything else to my pregnancy mini album, which is coming along nicely!

Well, this post didn't take long to write, and I don't have much more to say. So, I'll leave you with a vintage picture of Ant and I at a White Sox game a couple years back.

circa 2009. I miss being a blondie!
Check back for my 19 week pregnancy vlog, which should be uploaded later tonight!

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