Sunday, July 24, 2011

Booky Wooks

Friday night after dinner (and before the cupcakes) we ventured up to the Borders in Schaumburg. In case you haven't heard, the retailer is closing all of its stores and currently have some pretty great deals going on. We didn't get there until about an hour before they closed, and the place was still packed! We definitely weren't the only ones looking to score a deal.

After browsing around for a half hour Ant and I had picked out nine books between the two of us. Here are the books I got.

All books that will help us raise our little guy. I'm especially excited to read the Baby Sign Language and Games Babies Play books. Ant went in a different direction when picking out his books, and just picked books that "looked good." See, I really am the practical one!

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  1. Oh my gosh, baby sign language is sooooo useful! Especially when you teach them signs that reference food and drink because then they can tell you when they're hungry or thirsty and what they want (milk, cookie, etc.) My sister's kids both learned signed language before they were 1 and it was great!


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