Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Buys Video

This morning Ant and I did some baby shopping! We hit up both Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us and got some good stuff. Here's a video I filmed showing everything I got, followed by some pictures.

Buy Buy Baby stuff:

Babies R Us stuff:

This stuff basically counts for Ant's birthday present, which is on Friday. I'm a practical person and I like to give/receive practical gifts. Last year for Sweetest Day I gave him drinking glasses and pots and pans because it was right around the time we were looking at condos. However, I did get him a fun present along with all the baby buys, well, I think it's fun anyways! I think he'll like it too, especially since he'll be able to use it with the baby, but he can also use it alone.

Speaking of birthdays, I need to make two birthday cards this week, better get started!

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