Friday, June 24, 2011

Showering Ourselves

We haven't made too many baby purchases yet. We're waiting until we find out the sex in about three and a half weeks. However, we have bought a few things. Along with a few gender neutral outfits, we purchased baby's crib, changing table and dresser when we were only seven or eight weeks along. I know it was really early to buy something that major, but we found a great deal at CSN Baby and just had to jump on it. And today another big purchase arrived!

Baby's brand new travel system! In this picture you can also see our crib set off to the side. I'm sure it'll remain there for at least a few more months :). I ordered the Graco Alano FlipIt system in the Circa pattern. I ordered the system from had the system for $20-25 cheaper than other sites, plus I didn't have to pay tax and qualified for free shipping, which was great!

A travel system is a stroller and infant car seat set. The car seat can be removed from the car and placed inside the stroller, which makes transporting a sleeping infant much easier! The particular stroller I got looks a lot less bulky than other strollers I looked at, and it has a 50 pound weight limit, as opposed to the 40 pound limit of most other strollers. The stroller's handle also flips from the the front to the back, so the baby can either face forwards or backwards, which I like. Plus, it comes with the all important cup holder!

Ant wasn't super excited that I went ahead and bought it. He thinks other people will buy us baby stuff. And I'm sure the baby will get some gifts, but no one has offered to throw her (or him) a baby shower yet. Which is totally fine, I'm not expecting one. Plus, I don't feel right just waiting for someone to buy us something worth $200. I just feel the whole idea of showers are a bit gift-grabby. Baby showers aren't quite as bad because the gifts aren't for you... but don't even get me started on the ridiculousness of bridal showers :).

Anyhoo... I'll post pictures of the travel system once I get it all put together. But, that probably won't be for a while.


  1. For my bridal shower, I'd like people to bring me pasta and garlic bread :D I hope that's not too grabby!

    Baby's going to be traveling in style and comfort!

  2. A pasta and garlic bread bridal shower would be amazing! :)


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