Friday, June 24, 2011

Pregnancy Perks

16 weeks 6 days

About the same amount of belly as last week, although I feel freaking huge! The shirt I'm wearing does a good job of hiding it I think, because I am psychically unable to "suck it in."  And I realized I always pose the same, I'll try and switch it up for the next picture!

The Perks

Everyone always hears about the nasty side effects of pregnancy. The weight gain, swollen feet and back pain are among the most common pregnancy symptoms. Not quite half way through I've only experienced one of those... back pain. And boy has it been in full force today! We went grocery shopping this morning and I dropped a box of pasta on the floor. I should have known better than to pick it up myself, but I don't want to seem completely helpless (not yet, at least). OMG, we had to stop and rest for a minute because both my back and uterus started hurting. Like.Really.Badly.

But, along with all the negative side effects pregnancy can cause, there are a few positives! The first one I experienced was my nails. They have become so much stronger and are growing really fast now. It seriously almost looks like I have acrylics on, love it!

My hair is also showing some signs of pregnancy. Look how full it looks in the above picture! Usually I have to put tons of mouse and spray in my hair to get it that big, but not these days! This morning all I did was quickly blow dry my hair, no products at all!

The last pregnancy perk I've experienced (and possibly my favorite) is my clear skin! I've always had acne prone skin. Before getting pregnant, it was just as bad as it was in high school. However, starting when I was about 12 weeks pregnant, my face completely cleared up! My dermatologist even said it looked great at my appointment a few weeks ago. And the best part is I'm not even using an acne facial cleanser, I'm just using the St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

I'm not sure if these changes are caused by my hormones or the prenatal vitamins I've been taking, I've heard both. I'm really hoping its the vites because I'll continue to take them after I give birth because I plan on breastfeeding.

On an unrelated note, here is a picture I snapped this morning of a couple of the feral kittens living across the parking lot (you can read more about them here).

How cute are they? I think I'll go and bring them some more cat food, we didn't bring any over yesterday so I'm sure they are craving it!


  1. Oh cool! I didn't know that pregnancy had those kinds of perks!

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