Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My First Born

Some of you might not know that the gestating fetus in my belly is not our first "child." I am actually a mom to a 4 year old!

Try and tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen. You can't, you just can't!

When I was 14 my family "rescued" a Birman named Dawny from a breeder my mom knew. Dawny was 5 when we got her, and unable to have any more kittens. One of Dawny's kittens actually became a national champion show cat, you can read about him here, on our breeder's website. The story doesn't paint Dawny in the best light, but she really was a great cat!

After I graduated college I knew I wanted another cat, and just had to get another Birman from the breeder Dawny was from. The timing was perfect. I contacted the breeder in May, and a litter of kittens had just been born. Ant and I went in July to pick out Pearl (I got her name from the Landlord viral video with Will Ferrell). She's the one with the H.U.G.E. eyes on the bottom right.

Picture courtesy of Bojacat Birmans
Pearl was the runt of the litter, but also the most active out of the three (they were all girls). Plus, she was totally goofy looking, which I loved! I brought her home that September, when she was about 4 months old, and we've been inseparable ever since!

Pearl has such a big personality and cracks us up on a daily basis. Here are some of my favorite things about her.

-She hates being alone. About 90% of the time she has to be in the same room as us. Although she's not a lap cat in the least!
-For a cat, she's pretty uncoordinated. I've seen her take more spills and tumbles than I care to remember.
-When she sleeps she has to rest her head on something. Usually it's a pillow, and she uses it just like people!
-No matter where she is in our house, as soon as I open the sliding door she will be in front of it within 5 seconds. She looooves getting the fresh air and looking outside!
-From a standstill she can jump about 5 feet in the air. She does this on a regular basis when we point a laser pointer at the wall.
-She has never once chewed on a pair of shoes.
-I try and give her a bath about once a month. So you think she'd be used to it by now, but she always makes the most pitiful howl when she's in the water, it just melts my heart!
-If I'm eating something with meat or cheese in it, she knows that I'll give her a little bite if she wants (which she almost always does).
-The only time she really ever bites me is right after I get out of the shower. And she'll go to town on my hands!

And my absolute favorite thing about her is...

-Pearl refuses to drink out of bowls. Exhibit A:

Literally 95% of her water comes straight from the sink. I don't quite remember how she discovered the water in the faucet in the first place, but once she did find it, her bowl days were over! She probably picked up this habit around 9 months old. Until recently she would just run in to the bathroom anytime she heard one of us in there and hop up on the sink. But now if she's thirsty, she'll go in there and just start softly meowing until someone turns on the faucet for her. I'VE CREATED A MONSTER! Of course we do keep a bowl of water out for her so she can drink when we're not home, but she only uses it when she's uber desperate.

I will say I'm a bit nervous how Pearl will act when the baby comes. She's never been around babies before, and I don't really know anyone who would want to use their child as a guinea pig. I've read that a lot of cats just ignore babies, so I hope that's what Pearl does (although I don't think she will). I guess we'll just have to wait and see in December!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

17 Week Pregnancy Vlog

I didn't mention this in the vlog, but I have definitely been feeling little Pickle moving around in there! It kind of feels like a very soft finger flick. Every time I feel it I get giddy!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pregnancy Perks

16 weeks 6 days

About the same amount of belly as last week, although I feel freaking huge! The shirt I'm wearing does a good job of hiding it I think, because I am psychically unable to "suck it in."  And I realized I always pose the same, I'll try and switch it up for the next picture!

The Perks

Everyone always hears about the nasty side effects of pregnancy. The weight gain, swollen feet and back pain are among the most common pregnancy symptoms. Not quite half way through I've only experienced one of those... back pain. And boy has it been in full force today! We went grocery shopping this morning and I dropped a box of pasta on the floor. I should have known better than to pick it up myself, but I don't want to seem completely helpless (not yet, at least). OMG, we had to stop and rest for a minute because both my back and uterus started hurting. Like.Really.Badly.

But, along with all the negative side effects pregnancy can cause, there are a few positives! The first one I experienced was my nails. They have become so much stronger and are growing really fast now. It seriously almost looks like I have acrylics on, love it!

My hair is also showing some signs of pregnancy. Look how full it looks in the above picture! Usually I have to put tons of mouse and spray in my hair to get it that big, but not these days! This morning all I did was quickly blow dry my hair, no products at all!

The last pregnancy perk I've experienced (and possibly my favorite) is my clear skin! I've always had acne prone skin. Before getting pregnant, it was just as bad as it was in high school. However, starting when I was about 12 weeks pregnant, my face completely cleared up! My dermatologist even said it looked great at my appointment a few weeks ago. And the best part is I'm not even using an acne facial cleanser, I'm just using the St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

I'm not sure if these changes are caused by my hormones or the prenatal vitamins I've been taking, I've heard both. I'm really hoping its the vites because I'll continue to take them after I give birth because I plan on breastfeeding.

On an unrelated note, here is a picture I snapped this morning of a couple of the feral kittens living across the parking lot (you can read more about them here).

How cute are they? I think I'll go and bring them some more cat food, we didn't bring any over yesterday so I'm sure they are craving it!

Showering Ourselves

We haven't made too many baby purchases yet. We're waiting until we find out the sex in about three and a half weeks. However, we have bought a few things. Along with a few gender neutral outfits, we purchased baby's crib, changing table and dresser when we were only seven or eight weeks along. I know it was really early to buy something that major, but we found a great deal at CSN Baby and just had to jump on it. And today another big purchase arrived!

Baby's brand new travel system! In this picture you can also see our crib set off to the side. I'm sure it'll remain there for at least a few more months :). I ordered the Graco Alano FlipIt system in the Circa pattern. I ordered the system from had the system for $20-25 cheaper than other sites, plus I didn't have to pay tax and qualified for free shipping, which was great!

A travel system is a stroller and infant car seat set. The car seat can be removed from the car and placed inside the stroller, which makes transporting a sleeping infant much easier! The particular stroller I got looks a lot less bulky than other strollers I looked at, and it has a 50 pound weight limit, as opposed to the 40 pound limit of most other strollers. The stroller's handle also flips from the the front to the back, so the baby can either face forwards or backwards, which I like. Plus, it comes with the all important cup holder!

Ant wasn't super excited that I went ahead and bought it. He thinks other people will buy us baby stuff. And I'm sure the baby will get some gifts, but no one has offered to throw her (or him) a baby shower yet. Which is totally fine, I'm not expecting one. Plus, I don't feel right just waiting for someone to buy us something worth $200. I just feel the whole idea of showers are a bit gift-grabby. Baby showers aren't quite as bad because the gifts aren't for you... but don't even get me started on the ridiculousness of bridal showers :).

Anyhoo... I'll post pictures of the travel system once I get it all put together. But, that probably won't be for a while.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dinner Disaster!

This evening I had a taste for pasta. I hadn't made it in a while (well, besides the insane amounts of Kraft Dinner I've been eating lately), so I filled up a pot with water and set it to boil. As the water was heating up I went in to the other room for a minute. I went back to the kitchen and got out the pasta. First disaster... not enough for two people. I felt bad, but Ant was okay with hot dogs for dinner.
So, I finish cooking the pasta and went to open the pasta sauce we had in the fridge. Second disaster... There was mold on the inside of the lid. Can you say ewww? Ant was nice enough to go out and get a new jar, so I ended up getting the pasta I so desperately wanted.

Turns out there was probably enough for the both of us, but as I've mentioned, I'm pregnant. And of course the pasta wasn't enough, I need three pieces of garlic bread, too.

And I ate allllll of it! And now I'm hungry again. The past few days this hunger thing has really hit me. The other night I couldn't fall asleep because I was so hungry! I had some puppy chow as a midnight snack, and boy did it hit the spot!

Okay, off to find something to nourish this growing avocado sized baby!


I hate writing the first post in a new blog... its so awkward. I suppose this really isn't a brand new blog, but a continuation of my other blog, La Georgia Paperie. I started LGP last summer as an outlet to share my craft projects. Every time I  made a non-crafty post on LGP (which was more often than not), I felt weird. About a month ago I started thinking of making a new blog. It took me a while to come up with the perfect name, and the courage to start a blog with the main focus being my life. I've had personal blogs in the past and they've all been l.a.m.e.

Soooo.... welcome to The Accidental Wallflower! I won't go in to too much personal details, because I assume you know a little bit about me (if not, check out my other blog to get up to speed). However, I will say that I am currently four months pregnant with my first child, who's due December 3, 2011!

As you might imagine, I plan on focusing this blog on my journey towards motherhood. Each week I record a pregnancy vlog on YouTube, which I'll post here as well. But lucky for you all, my pregnancy won't be the only thing I'll blog about, I'm much more than just a growing baby bump!

Here is a recent picture of me, I was 15 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I have just the smallest start of a baby bump!
I haven't taken belly pictures each week, but when I do take them, I'll post them here.

I'm excited to start this new blog and see how it evolves over the next 5 months, and beyond!
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