Thursday, October 16, 2014


I hate when people say they're "too busy to blog," but here I am (again), saying just that. I hate how little I've recorded this year. So, for now, here's a little update on things.

Skin Cancer PSA
I've talked about getting my skin checked for melanomas in the past. I had 5-6 moles removed back in 2008/09. One of which was precancerous. Since then I've made it a point to get to the dermatologist once a year; my latest appointment was the other day. I expected it to go just as my last few visits, but I walked out with 2 less moles than I had when I woke up that day.

I went back yesterday to get my stitches out and whad'ya know, one of them was atypical/precancerous. The nurse said it looked like they got everything so I won't need to do any further treatment, but that could change once the doctor takes a look at them (my doctor's out on medical leave for a herniated disk). They asked that I come back in 6 months for a follow up scan.

So, moral of the story, if you have moles, go get them checked out! I had a couple bad sunburns as a kid so I'm sure that's why I'm dealing with this now. It's not the most pleasant experience having someone look at every inch of your body, but as with everything, early detection is key so it's definitely worth doing.

Fall TV
Oh, TV. How I love thee. Over the summer I really got in to Once Upon a Time. Such a fun show! If you're unfamiliar, the show focuses on fairy tale characters who were transported to present day Maine by a curse from the Evil Queen. The first season deals with trying to break the curse. It was created by LOST writers, so if you liked that show, you'll like OUAT. A lot of similarities in the way the stories are told, and tons of LOST actors make appearances.

This season is centering on Frozen. Harry has loved watching Elsa and Anna on screen. The first 2 episodes have been a little lackluster and a little too focused on the Arendelle clan, but I though the third episode was pretty good, it featured fellow Stephens College alum Elizabeth Mitchell (also a LOST alum).

I also just got in to Scandal. I know, about 2 years late. So hip. So with it. Some of the political story lines are a bit convoluted for me, but in general I like it. And I love Olivia Pope's wine glasses! So impractical. But being a classy, powerful DC problem solver allows for impractical life indulgences.

As far as new shows go, I've watched How To Get Away With Murder and Jane the Virgin. Loved the first episode of HTGAWM! Second and third weren't as good, but I'll continue watching for now. And I really enjoyed the first episode of Jane, too. Just aired the other night. Looking forward to watching more.

Oh, and I just started Gilmore Girls on Netflix. How did I ever go 14 years without those two in my life? I swear, Rory Gilmore is my spirit animal. An intellectual, human spirit animal.

I watch too much TV.

Paint Nite
Last week I met up with a couple friends at a local bar for a Paint Nite event. It was a lot of fun! We drank wine and painted pretty pictures.

Photo courtesy of Britney :)

I was surprised at how un-awful mine turned out! The instructor did a good job teaching us each step. My clouds are a little cartoony, but I was 2 glasses of Riesling in by that time, so I'm blaming the wine. 

Room Mom
I'm the official head room mom for the preschool Halloween party. Not sure how I got that distinguished title, but there ya have it. The party should be fun, it's only an hour long and I hear 2 year olds have notoriously low expectations for class parties.  And, bonus, Harry is excited that I'm going to be at the party. Doubt he'll have the same attitude in a few years, so I'm taking advantage while I can.

Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

35 Months

Just one more month until Harry turns 3! I still remember the day he was born so clearly, it does not feel like it was so long ago.

  • I meant to say this in last month's update and totally spaced, but... Harry is now writing letters! So far he can do A, H, J, O, T, U, V and W. Some are more clearly written than others, but he is definitely getting the hang of it. His W is so funny, it looks like 5 W's strung together :).
  • School is still going really well. Although yesterday when I picked him up I noticed he wasn't sitting at the tables with the rest of the class like he was supposed to- he was in the back of the class wandering around. But, he's learning a lot and I think he's becoming more confident in interacting with kids his own age- my main goal for the year.
  • At school they sing lots of songs. Here are a few fun ones we've started listening to at home.
  • As far as other songs go, Harry is obsessed with Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." He sings it all the time. The other day he was screaming it during nap time.  
  • Potty training... what's that?? We really are no closer to being diaper free than we were back in April.  He'll pee in the potty 1-2 times a day, but that's it. Trying to get him to poop on the potty is like pulling teeth. He freaks out if you even mention it. At this point I'm really wondering if we will be sending him to kindergarten with a diaper on.... (I'm sure we won't, but it feels like we will right now!)
  • Noises at bedtime have suddenly started bothering him. I'm pretty sure he's just hearing someone in our building flush the toilet, but it's kept him awake many nights this month.
  • Cute things he's said this month.
    • "I bit my teeth."
    • "Mom, your hair's so crazy, you need a haircut."
    • "Hi Mom. Are you hi?" (laughed for 5 minutes straight on that one!)
    • "I got some cry in my eyes."- When he was wiping away some tears, so adorable!
    • "The dark is gone!" - Says this every morning when it's sunny out.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sonny Acres Farm

Happy October! To get in the spooky spirit, yesterday we drove out to West Chicago to visit Sonny Acres Farm for our annual pumpkin patch trip.

The past 2 years we've gone to Goebbert's Farm and thought it'd be fun to try something new (I've been to Sonny Acres before, but it was a million years ago in high school). I don't know which farm I like better. Goebbert's is prettier and bigger, but there's something about Sonny Acres that's quite charming. And there was the sweetest smell in the air- I'm guessing it was just the pumpkins, but it was fabulous!

If you're local, every Wednesday in October is "Wristband Wednesday." You get unlimited access to the carnival for $10. After checking everything out we got Harry a wristband and he was more than excited to try out the different rides.

We did the cars and train first, both old favorites. Then Harry got crazy and asked to go on both the flying elephants and dragon roller coaster.

Let's see that one close up.

Awwwwww... He definitely was unsure the first few laps but was smiling by the end of the ride. He said he had fun!

There's a ton to do at Sonny Acres, but a lot of it is geared towards older kids. So after we were done with the carnival we picked out our pumpkins. 3 little gourds, 2 small pumpkins and one big one. I think we're actually going to carve one this year.

I love that he'll happily pose for pictures now (knock on wood)! He has such a cute little smile. Even if he does look the wrong way most of the time ;)

And just for fun, here's a comparison of Harry's past pumpkin patch excursions.

2012 | 2013 | 2014
What a cutie pie! Look at his hands, they're the same in all 3 pictures. I didn't notice until I made the collage. Weird, right?
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